Inaccesible boot device on M5811 Windows 10

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Hi - I'm getting my Acer M5811 ready to sell, and used the Windows 10 "Reset & Clean" function to delete all my files and apps as recommended by Microsoft. All went well until the blue screen of death and "Inacessible boot device" error message - PC automatically restarts and says the same thing...etcetera etcetera


So, the PC is unusable and I only have a MacBook Air (no DVD drive)..consult the Windows forum, download Windows10.iso 64 bit and use MAC boot camp to create USB restore drive for PC..tried it on the Acer making sure to select the correct boot drive and all I get is a blinking cursor..


Should it be 32 bit not 64, or am I stuck in a series of Matrix like loops never to escape? Any advice or help much welcome!




PS As the Windows 10 was an auto download I dont have the original discs :-( 

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    Probably Mac boot camp created an UEFI compatible boot flash drive, your desktop needs a legacy boot flash drive.


    i don't know if it's possible to create one from a Mac.



    I'm not an Acer employee.
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