Switch Alpha 12 - Video Constantly Buffering

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Hi all - I recently bought a new Switch Alpha 12. I've been thoroughly enjoing using it for general computing. However, I love watching YouTube and this thing cannot consistenly play a video without pausing, buffering or drastically downgrading video quality. I have a solid high speed internet connection, and I can watch the same video on my iPad mini with ease in full HD. I heard Chrome doesn't do the best, so I tried Edge, but got the same results. What gives?? It's the I3 model, but this thing has more than enough power to play a YouTube video without issue...


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    I own the Acer Switch Alpha 12 with Intel Core i5 processor and I can watch every YouTube video in HD quality without interruption. So it may be your processor or the less powerfull GPU of the Intel Core i3 or you are in the wrong WLAN band/channel and your network is the problem. If you can play a high quality video from your harddrive without interruption, than your network is the source of the problem.