Cracked Screen on Switch Alpha - how to get Acer to honor a warranty on a faulty product?

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I purchased a Switch Alpha from Staples just before Christmas and after 9 days the screen cracked and half of the tablet display was disabled. The screen cracked when it was being disconnected from the key board.  My daughter grabbed it by the corner and instead of just lifting it straight out she used the corner to twist it off and it cracked. 


Acer will not fix it under warranty. Surely the screen is not supposed to crack like this under what any reasonable person would consider 'reasonable use'.  Acer support refused to put me in contact with a manager and then hung up on me. 


Has anyone else had any better experience dealing with Acer support or warranty issues?

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  • Acer-Mary
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    Sorry to hear this. Grabbing the LCD by the corner likely created a stress fracture on the screen. Unfortunately physical damage is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty and is subject to a repair fee to fix. We would be happy to repair this for you; please contact Acer support to inquire about repair if you should want to get this serviced. 

  • PGDelaney
    PGDelaney Member Posts: 2

    Well, yes, a stress fracture is likely what happened, but if holding it by the corner to lift it out of position is not considered reasonable use then I believe Acer should include specific instructions on what is considered reasonable use and operation of the device.  If that is Acer's position on this then that is the last Acer product I will ever purchase, and you can bet I will tell everyone I know that the poor quality of Acer products is supported with an ever poorer quality of support and service. 


    I've owned an Ipad for 3 years and it's been on many trips and much more rigorous wear and tear, and it still works like a charm.  That extra $300 for an Apple device ends up paying for itself 3 times over in the years to come.



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