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Acer Community has many thousands of members.  But a select few are truly dedicated to spreading their knowledge and helping other members.  These are the members that make Acer Community the destination for solutions. It only takes a second to look at the discussions taking place here to see these key members and their contributions.  Let's take a look at the different Community Ranks you will see here so you can better understand these leading members.   


All Acer Community members increase in Rank as they contribute to the Forums.  e.g. The more Replies, Kudos and Solutions you author the higher Rank you earn. With an increase in Rank, come additional rights for the member and of course an earned Community reputation.   


Acer has made it easy for you to tell which members have earned a high Rank.  Top contributing Community members first earn a wifi signal icon like the one on the left below.  As they continue to contribute more, additional signal bars are earned as their Rank advances.  So in order to earn 3 or 4 signal bars you have to be solution oriented, trustworthy and dedicated.  I assure you, each member has worked very hard for each wifi signal bar they display.  



You will also see two special  Rank icons frequently on Acer Community.  

The Ally team, 

This Rank is made up of Acer employees or contracted employees who participate in the Community during their own free time.  These members are a valuable resource for all of us due to their unique insights into Acer and its products.  You will see the Ally team members display the icon below next to their avatar.  

And Finally the ACE team.  

This team of member experts are hand selected by the Acer Community team.  Each of them has shown the dedication and leadership necessary to be considered an Acer Community ACE.  You can read more about them here.


I hope this article helps you understand how to identify the key members who make this a great place for you to visit.