New to Acer Community?

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What is Acer Community?


  • The Web's Social Revolution has opened up a whole new avenue to learn, share knowledge and further enjoy your Acer Products.  Acer Community is designed to do this and more!  
  • Acer Community is a peer to peer social support platform designed specifically to help you get the most from your Acer product.  Since it is peer to peer, the vast majority of the content has been drafted by members, not an Acer employee.  However Acer does provide knowledge articles, moderation services and forum topic assistance when necessary.
  •  Acer community is a global site so our members come from all corners of the globe; yet they all share a love of electronics.


 What can I gain from Acer Community and its members?

1) Learn from the Community

  • There are thousands of topics and solutions already posted.  Use our Community Search or simply peruse the topics in one of our product related forums here.
  • Interested in learning more about Acer's new products?  Check out the Acer News segment.  Here you will find press releases and other Acer product news.  It's a great way to stay up to date and ahead of your friends!

2) Gain satisfaction by lending your expertise and engaging with others.  

  • Acer recognizes that all of our customers have something to offer.  Some are very technical; some just know how they resolved a similar issue and want to share.  This is the space to do it.  
  • With over 200,000 global members, Acer Community is the place to be recognized by your peers for your knowledge and technical prowess. 

3) Help guide Acer to future innovations

  • Visit our Ideas segment and share your ideas for new products, features, accessories or services.
  • Trending ideas are thoroughly evaluated by top level Acer personnel.  Several ideas have already been adopted and can be found in our newest products!  Maybe your Idea is next!


 How are members recognized for contributing?

  • Each member is assigned a starting rank when they join.  Consider their rank to be their Community status.  Higher ranks are earned by contributing to the forums. Acer Community Ranks are explained here
  • Along with a higher rank come extra privileges on the site. 
  • Over time, the most active and helpful members may be offered the rank of ACE.  This elite team is made of Members who have earned the highest accommodation on the Community through tireless dedication to providing solutions to other members. 


I want to post my question; what should I include?

  • Be sure that you include what product model you have.
  • Include the operating system that you have on your product. If you have upgraded or changed the operating system, include that information.
  • Clearly and specifically discuss the problem that you are having, including how to reproduce it.
  • If there are error messages, include them as they appear on the screen.
  • Applications you are having difficulty with should be listed.  If you have the version number that is helpful.
  • Be patient while you wait for an answer.  This community is about users assisting users so sometimes it takes a day or two for assistance.


 So, what are the rules of this place?


 How do I get help with all of these Community features and options?

  • We have drafted an extensive library of Help Files to help you.  


Welcome to Acer Community!