I have a wireless keyboard model kbrf51211 and there are no keys labeled F1 through F12

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I have an Acer DA220HQL with a wireless keyboard model kbrf51211.  I can not get the computer to boot up, it gets stuck on the ACER beyond limits start up screen.  I am trying to use ALT+F10 to bypass this but the keyboard model has no keys labeled with F1-F12. Can anyone help with this?


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    This product shipped with more than one operating system. Please send us a private message with the serial number or SNID of the product so we can better assist.

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    Hello ,tell me please how to bind Acer model KBRF51211 keyboard : S/N    MKRF41A007348003B0K700 (Rev.0)  and  FCC ID: EMJKKBRF51211