Hello, I have an Acer Switch 11, and I have installed an incorrect BIOS update. How can I go back?

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       I have actually reinstall a fresh installation of Windows 10 32 bit version on my Acer Aspire Switch 11.




Please find below my details:

Aspire SW5-111
Part Number: NT.L66EF.001
Numero de Serie: NTL66EF001**********
SNID: ************


But I have downloaded several BIOS Updates which where not made for my laptop, as I have downloaded them from another PC and did not put my correct SNID.


I have them installed an incorrect BIOS update.


This makes my touchscreen no longer workable, and have to use Keyboard and Touchpad.


I get the below screen when booting the Switch, but after 2 fails, it luckily still boots Windows 10, but without Touchscreen usable:


bios error message.JPG


When trying to reinstall good latest BIOS Version, which is the below one (Version 1.03):


Correct BIOS to be installed.png


I get the following error message:

- This is because I installed incorrect BIOS "BayTrail V1.08"

- It says "This BIOS is not for your Notebook PC. The version of ROM file is not newer than that of BIOS."


Bios incorrect update.png


Can someone let me know how can I recover back my previous good BIOS?


Waiting for a reply.


Thanking you for your assistance.


Wishing all an excellent year 2017!


Best regards,




P.s: Can Windows 10 64 bit be installed on this Switch? I can see the processor as X64, but cannot boot on a Windows 10 DVD 64 bit


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FAQ & Answers

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    You can try to flash the BIOS with a version posted on the Acer download site but if it will not flash to an earlier version we recommend the system be serviced at that point. Forcing it to flash could brick the system. To inquire about service please contact Acer support from the contact info posted here:


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