Need to update/reinstall Bluetooth drivers. Acer's official Drivers and Manuals page isn't working.

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My bluetooth functionality has been acting up. The only other time it did this, I ended up updating the Bluetooth drivers and it fixed everything. I'd like to do that again as it's been a while, but the site's Drivers and Manuals page won't move past the "Identify your device" page. 


I've tried entering my SSID and/or Serial# several times now. Each time, it accepts them as valid, but then just loads eternally. It will not load to the next page.


It is not an internet issue as I've tried in multiple different wifi locations and at home wifi is 200M/s and works fine with everything else.


Yes, I am entering the numbers correctly. I've checked and double checked.


Also, I can't use the drop downs, because all of them are blank. I've included a screenshot of this.Acer Drivers Dropdown.PNG

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