I have an ACER Liquid Z630 Smartphone that has Android 5.1 OS. Issues with GPS.

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I have an ACER Liquid Z630 Smartphone that has Android 5.1 OS. I purchased this phone new in June 2016. I have issues using Google Maps (I live in Alberta, Canada), and have contacted customer support a couple times about it. The problem is the phone takes a couple minutes to get a GPS fix, and enroute it will lose the fix, or be searching for GPS, and and gives voice directions that are totally wrong!??? The settings are on 'high accuracy', and I live in an area that has great coverage. I have had iPhones for years using Google Maps with no issues! Acer keeps telling me it is an app issue with Google Maps, but I have tried other GPS apps and have the same issue. I am very disappointed with Acer's position on this. Does anyone have a solution?


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    I have never had much luck with Google Maps for accurate navigation on any phone honestly (I've used it with motorola, HTC, alcatel, acer and an old samsung ).  I've used it for general directions, but I don't rely on it for navigation. 


    I have since switched to Here We Go, which has come a long way in the last 2 or 3 years.  And I really like the option to download complete provinces/states on my phone (to SD card), and then remain completely offline with no data requirements.  OK, you need data for traffic, but if you don't care for traffic, offline works like a charm.  Give it a try.


    Also, when in your car, where do you keep your phone ?  Is it up high near the winshield ? I know some people put it in the base/bottom of the center console, and that will definately kill in AGPS based device. 



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    Okay, thanks for your input. Google maps has always been good for me here with my iPhone. I may have to go back to my iPhone. I usually have my phone in a holder on the dash. I need the functionality of the location services for navigation.

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    I have the same issue.
    The GPS is very unreliable and not just in Google maps.
    Why would you sell an Android phone incapable of using Google maps, sounds like they are just making excuses.