Broadcom 802.11n Windows 10 64bit Pro - BSOD - Hyper-V must be disabled or other driver

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After Windows updated Broadcom driver BSOD has been real problem ( MEMORY MANAGEMENT , sometimes driver name related to this visible, bcmwl63a.sys )

Driver has some issues/conflict with Hyper-V.

Something to do with Hyper-V virtual Switch. So Hyper-V  must be disabled.


From Windows Features: remove Hyper-V  

or before that if after reboot still there:  Ethernet connections  find WLAN connection and remove 

hyper-v protocol from adapter settings

or find better(older?) driver.

Or roll back driver in Device Manager.


Laptop works fine when no internet browsing happens, sometimes BSOD instantly at boot to desktop, sometimes internet browsing works for a while, then again even online games are working fluently for hours.

CMD: Scannow /fsc or Memory Checks do not give error. 

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    Unfortunately Acer does not have control over Windows updates. But if this happened right after a Windows Update you can try uninstalling the Windows update for that driver and see if this resolves the issue. Instructions are posted here that may be helpful:

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    Hi again


    Removing Hyper-V did not solve problem. Smiley Sad

    Laptop worked days without BSOD, but yesterday... BSOD.  Even before Windows login screen !


    >>>>> Problem solved by different driver, example like this: <<<<<<


    There were different error messages  in BSOD screen. 

    MEMORY MANAGEMENT (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, BSOD)


    PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA ( Windows 8.1 updated to  Windows 10 PRO 64bit, BSOD)

    and finally ones BSOD message with exact reason : ....bcmwl63a.sys

    There are chat messages that people experience also slow/broken WLAN traffic.


    In this PC it  was not possible to downgrade driver to earlier one. 


    1. Install ex. or other any earlier driver . This driver has caused some problem with other PCs but works fine with AS7560G-6344G50Mnkk. 


    2. It propably does not install to operate instantly, so remove then problematic 7.35.333.0 driver in Device manager. 

    3. I even removed also Broadcom 802.11n device itself so i scanned PC for changes 

    4. After finding Broadcom 802.11n system installed driver ver.

    All OK now. 


    There might be problem/conflict with 802.11n vs. 802.11ac part in  Microsoft driver 7.35.333.0 ??? 



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