Restore factory image to 8.1 after update to Windows 10

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I believe the recovery partition for my factory restore, out of the box, is still on my hard drive. It's 600mb and contains items marked "recovery" and ".wim".


However, now that I am running Windows 10, and reset it while it was at the repairers getting the screen fixed, the eRecovery Managment tool no longer exists. I have no option to revert to 8.1. Just basic Windows 10 with no additional software.


Using Paragon I can see the partition and access the files. But without the erecovery tool, and Shift F10 not working to restore 8.1, does anyone have any ideas how I can run the recovery partition manually?


I've gone into the bios. Is it there? How do I run/boot the image so it just automatically reinstalls it all back to factory settings?

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