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Acer predator g3-605 Upgrades

Hey, i was wondering if anyone here can tell me if i can upgrade my acer predator g3-605 as i recently upgraded my gpu from 760 1.5gb to 1060 3gb (no problems!) and now i was wondering if it is possible to put in other ddr3 ram sticks such as Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1600MHz 16GB in my current motherboard. 


I've got some other questions about upgrades so if anyone will be able to provide information about this aswell i would be greatfull for that. 


So, can i upgrade my cpu in acer g3-605 from i5-4460 to Intel Core i7-4790K 



And another question: if i want to switch up my motherboard, do i have to switch my psu and case? ive heard that the psu has some weird pins only for acer motherboards, aswell as motherboard has some weirdly placed screw points (not standard ATX motherboard for normal casses)


Then there is my last question, can i put my psu and motherboard into another case? (Again the ATX problem)

if it is possible i would like to know what kind of ATX the acer g3-605 motherboard is. I was thinking about Phanteks Eclipse P400S Glass Silent but if i can upgrade but not in some cases please tell me in which ones i can




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  • darkmin1211darkmin1211 Member Posts: 2

    still waiting for answer

  • smuRResmuRRe Member Posts: 2

    RAM should work just fine and so should 4790K too. Not sure about any overclocking features since the motherboards BIOS is so basic and useless.


    In my g3-605 motherboard has only 12-pin ATX connector when the PSUs have 20/24-pin connector. There are few adapters available for that though and then you can use any PSU with the Acer motherboard.

  • BenX41BenX41 Member Posts: 7

    I am in the same situation and have gone ahead and bought the non-reference GTX 1060 for my Predator G3-605, but it looks like the 1060 is too big? Am I missing something?

  • smuRResmuRRe Member Posts: 2

    I installed the ASUS one just fine. Its 242mm long.

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