Black screen after login to computer? HELP!!!!

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I have a black screen with nothing just a glow and when I hold Ctrl-Shift-Esc the cursor pops up. I try to bring up Task manager but would not pop up I did fix corrupt files in command prompt from Shift-Restart I was in a reboot loop since June and I finally figured how to fix it. Now I cannot get passed the log in screen I put in my password and it says "Preparing Windows" and it does for maybe 30 seconds to a minute then I see something flash at me then it goes black with a glow. I never updated to the newest Windows 10 I tried but wouldn't let me it wanted me to delete some files before I could update. I tried everything I could I found on the internet I took the battery out and all that and nothing happens always brings me to this black screen.. I am getting irritated with this I tried the "Bring me back to the previous build" but it says I have no previous build so I tried everything I could I have had no help on this forum so I went to this section to get help since it involves the system. If they're is a way to factory reset it or something I tried the command prompt to factory reset but it says "Unable to reset this PC due to corrupt files" something like that.

Someone please help me??


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    try this:
    at boot press ALT+F10 , this will start Acer/windows recovery.
    From the Recovery screen
    Click on Troubleshoot.
    Click on Advanced Options.
    Click on Startup Settings.
    Click on Restart.
    The PC will now reboot to the Startup Settings screen.
    Press 4 to Enable Safe Mode as prompted.


    once in Safe mode, go to Device manager, click on Display adapters, right click on your VGA and choose uninstall(tick to uninstall software too).

    reboot normally and check if black/blank screen is fixed.


    if Alt+F10 is not working, you need to create a windows bootable media, boot from it and do the same process to enter Safe mode:

    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    everytime I click on device manager nothing pops up.
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    that's strange...


    try to press windows logo key + r

    then type


    I'm not an Acer employee.
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    I will try that and I'll let you know.
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    At login you hould have some icons on the lower right side of the screen. Click on the one in the middle that looks like a clock dial at 3 (Ease of Access). Select "High Contrast" On. This should make the screen visible following the boot despite driver issues. I have had to use this before with a flashing screen.


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    I logged in and it says welcome,then after my screen is black with just my cursor.HELP!
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    When the blank screen comes ... Open the task manager using keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+esc.. Then select the startup option and disable all the apps.. After that restart the computer and your issue will be solved 
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    Hey I have tried all of these for my laptop and nothing has worked can anyone help me? 
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    So whenever I try to turn on my laptop it takes me all the way to the login screen but after I type in my password it just goes to black screen. My cursor is there and I can move it but my screen stays black. Please someone help. 
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    @Randystillday hope you are doing well. Though it's been a long time now just wanted to know if the issue has been rectified yet. Had to pos a comment here as I couldn't see any Solution update on this thread.

    Lately I have been facing the same issue, hence wanted to understand what might be the cause and ways to fix this thing..Really tired of it now.

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    Hi guys. I had the same problem but there was a short time (about 1 minute) after login till my pc only had black scree. The icons on the bottom doesn't load and I can't open anything. I solved the problem by opening the Taskmanager in that 1 Minute and than I had the possibility to restart the windows-explorer. After that my icons respawned instantly and everything works perfectly.
    I hope it will helps you too who ever read this

    Good luck 
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