Upgrade to Windows 10 on Acer TravelMate P658-MG-74QM

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I recently bought the Acer TravelMate P658-MG-74QM. According to the shop and to the Acer website it has "Windows 7 Professional (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro)".

Despite the quick setup card showing W10 pictures and the W10 sticker on the laptop, it loaded Windows 7 when I started it for the very first time.


Now I am interested in what is the propper way to upgrade to Windows 10?


Interestingly the SSDs have two recovery partitions: One with 1 GB and another one with 30 GB. So any chance that Windows 10 is already installed and I only need to switch?

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  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    no, the 30GB partition is the ACER recovery enviroment to create a factory recovery (USB or DVD).

    so first of all, i suggest you to create the recovery disks of your actual OS, then you can proceed on upgrading to windows 10.



    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,532 Pathfinder

    First, I would use a third party program such as from Nirsoft to see and store what Microsoft licenses were currently stored on the computer particularly what is in the BIOS. If a Win 10 license is already there then you should have no problem restoring it.

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