Acer Quick access missing options

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Hi.I recently installed acer quick acces.But it only have bluelight shield and missing other options.

However, there are AdaptiveBrightness & CameraControl & other folders in plugins folder:

C:\Program Files\Acer\Acer Quick Access\plugins

I tried to install older versions but in version 1.01.xxxx there were only display scale.

what can I do?

Another question; Can I install/Run "Acer Dust Defender" without quick access?


  • pajuhesh80
    pajuhesh80 Member Posts: 39 Troubleshooter

    Acer Aspire E1-572G

  • Hi,

    Your model doesn't have Dust defender feature, Acer Quick Access will provide only the features available to the particular model.

  • pajuhesh80
    pajuhesh80 Member Posts: 39 Troubleshooter

    are you sure? How do you know it? Isn't there any way to reverse my laptop fan?

    So What about other features?

  • Hi,

    Dust Defender is offered only in high end gaming laptops like V Nitro models, I have no idea how to reverse the fan, what the program offers is all you get as far as I can think of, but others may chime in with methods to add other features, so please wait for a while for their replySmiley Sad

  • TechTurbo
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    I am also facing the same issue, where I know Adaptive Brightness should be there for my Switch Alpha 12. I remember seeing it before I performed a clean install of Windows 10 and installing Quick Access. Search online did not reveal any answers. I appreciate any help.

  • BAK52
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    I would like to know this also. Came across the same issue. 

    Would love to find a way to add this. A normal Quick Access installation after a Windows 10 Clean Install does not add this feature. Only an Acer OEM Windows installation does it. 

  • TechTurbo
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    I heard from a rep that it is due to missing drivers, and was recommended to download and install "Other Drivers" from Acer support site. I have not tried it yet as I am running OEM image. Please try and post your results.

  • BAK52
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    Their is no "other drivers" to download on Acer support site. 

    Please be more specific which driver you mean. 

    I have installed all drivers from that site. 

  • TechTurbo
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    On the Switch Alpha 12, it has it. Below is the link and details. There is also Virtual Buttons driver that may be required.



    Other Drivers
    36.9 MB

  • BAK52
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    Hey TechTurbo,


    I have tried both driver installations.

    Other Drivers contained an Intel Integrated Sensor Solution.

    This driver during installation showed: 0x00004E24 This platform is not supported.

    The Virtual Buttons driver showed during installation: This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software.


    So both are not succesfull, or a solution.


    My notebook is an Acer Aspire V3-372 Series. And again the OEM installation has the option of Color Intelligence within the Acer Quick Access software. While a Clean Installation of Windows 10 does not get this addition within the Acer Quick Access software.


    If someone from Acer has the solution, please let me know.


  • asmd
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    i had adaptive brightness available on my switch alpha 12, after quick access updated, it dissapeared.  Smiley Sad

    its got to be an app thing. maybe an old version will work better.

    where does one get old version from?

  • ManoelNeto
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    I faced this problem when updating Windows 10 to the Creators Update. Here's how to fix it:


    1) Go to the Acer driver download page and download the "Other Drivers" by Intel.

    2) Unzip the archive into a folder, navigate to it.

    3) Do not run the setup.exe: it will not install the driver we need for some reason.

    4) Instead, go to the "Drivers" > "Win8.1" > "HECI_ISH" > "x64 folder"

    5) There should be 3 files, as in this picture:


    6) Right-click the ISH.inf file, then select "Install"

    7) Your sensors should begin to work immediately (light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, etc).

    8) To verify, download an app called SensorInfo in the Windows Store.