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Chromebook 11 C730

Dray66Dray66 Posts: 1Member
Hi all I can not get my notbook to come up on my tv. I put the HDMI cable in and it dose nothing. The cable is fine as it works with my DVD player and Xbox. And all the stuff on the net just shows how to mirror it but I can do it becuse it won't show up at all.

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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew Acer Crew

    It should work and here are steps on how to connect to an external display or TV. Make sure you are not using any adapters because that can cause problems. If this does not work, make sure your TV supports this ability.


    You can connect your Chromebook to a monitor or TV with an available HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, or VGA port. The instructions included with your Chromebook will tell you what type of adapter you need.

    After you connect, you can:

    • Extend your desktop to display across multiple screens
    • Mirror your display to show the same image on your Chromebook and a separate monitor

    Connect a monitor

    To connect your Chromebook to a separate monitor or TV, plug the monitor into the appropriate port on your Chromebook:

    1. Find the display output and input ports on your Chromebook. If you’re not sure which ports to use, refer to the instructions included with your Chromebook.
    2. Use these two ports to find the correct adapter (ex. DisplayPort to HDMI).

    Adjust, rotate, and align your screen

    To adjust your external display:

    1. Click the status area, where your account picture appears.
    2. Click Settings Settings.
    3. In the "Device" section, click Display settings.

    From here, you can identify displays or adjust their location.

    • Mirror the display by pressing Ctrl and Full screen (or F4).
    • Rotate the image by using the dropdown menus to rotate the image on your separate monitor.
    • Center your screen:
      1. In the "TV alignment" section, click Adjust.
      2. Move the viewing area by using the arrow and shift keys until your screen is aligned.
    • Show the display across multiple screens: Check the box to Enable Unified Desktop mode.

    If you're using a Chromebox, you can find these adjustment options by typing chrome://settings/display in the address bar.

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