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XB241H keeps popping up the DisplayPort logo

digitrichdigitrich Posts: 7Member
edited March 1 in Predator Monitors

Recently after updating windows 10 to the latest version (don't know if this has anything to do with it)

the big DisplayPort or DP logo keeps popping up everytime I start or close a game, or when I arrive at the windows login screen, etc. It just pop's up a lot more than it did before.


It's like the monitor loses its connection for a brief second and then reconnects resulting in showing the DP logo.


The DP logo itself is also bigger and low res, where before when it was only showing once, it was smaller and in a higher resolution.


Anyone else having this issue or a clue why this happens and how to solve it?

It's just annoying.


Nothing changed in my display settings in windows 10 or in the monitor settings itself.


Many thx in advance.






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  • digitrichdigitrich Posts: 7Member

    This is a list of the OSD overlay that says which signal type I'm using (DP logo in this case) which pops up way too often:


    • When Windows starts
    • When logging out of Windows
    • When logging into Windows
    • When changing the refresh rate
    • When changing the resolution
    • When launching a game
    • When Alt+Tabbing out of a game
    • When Alt+Tabbing back into a game
    • When exiting a game
    • When turning the monitor off and then back on


    The overlay DP logo is too big and it's in the way.

  • digitrichdigitrich Posts: 7Member

    To make clear how bad this problem is I've made a small video showing the problem, see below.

    When starting the game STAR WARS Battlefront that just got a new update, you'll see the DP logo keeps popping up all the time, together with the screen flickering. This happens also in-game, what makes the game unplayable!!


    This is so bad.

    Tried it with a HDMI cable and it's the same result.


    Anyone alse having this problem??


    YouTube video



  • damstrdamstr Posts: 4Member

    I have the same problem and its really annoying. 


    I am using the monitor with my MSI GS63VR latptop with a GTX 1060. Flashes all the time then displays the DP logo. 

  • digitrichdigitrich Posts: 7Member



    Small update;

    I reduced (not resolved) the problem drasticly by changing my refresh rate in Windows 10 from 60Mhz to 144Mhz. Now when starting or stopping a game or when I Alt-tab out of games it doesn't flash or displays the DP logo anymore.

    I also changed all the resolution settings in-game to exactly match the one of the screen; 1080 and also changed the refresh rate in all my games fixed to 144mhz. V-Sync is turned off all the time so Gsync would do it's job.


    This make's it OK for me now, only when booting windows it still display's the DP logo 3 times because the boot sequence has a different resolution, and the windows logon screen isn't in 144Mhz, that is only applied once windwos boot is completed.


    In my opinion they should disable this and only display de DP logo when the input mode changes and not when the resolution or refresh rate changes. This probably needs to be done by a firmware update. So let's vote for that!



  • damstrdamstr Posts: 4Member




    So it would appear that the mini DP to DP cable was the problem. I guess I had a DP 1.1 cable. Got a new DP 1.2 able and now can run 1440P @ 144Hz with zero issues. 

  • BVenom700BVenom700 Posts: 1Member

    Got this exact problem as well, and really dont know what to do, would love a solution if anybody has one but at the point, phoning up Acer tomorrow and if nothing happend sending it back, getting my money back and getting a different 144hz monitor, really not happy with this and mainly got this one to take benefit of the 180hz overclock feature.

  • YammyYammy Posts: 2Member

    Same problem here. I really like the monitor but this window popping up everytime I Alt-Tab out of a FullScreen Application is kind of annoying. The cable, which is shipped with the monitor could be the problem?

    Any new suggestions on that topic?

    Would really appreciate a fix for that.

  • digitrichdigitrich Posts: 7Member

    You've tried this?


    Small update;

    I reduced (not resolved) the problem drasticly by changing my refresh rate in Windows 10 from 60Mhz to 144Mhz.

    Now when starting or stopping a game or when I Alt-tab out of games it doesn't flash or displays the DP logo anymore

  • YammyYammy Posts: 2Member

    Thanks for the reply. I tested it and as you said, the DP Logo doesn't pop up while Alt-Tabbing anymore.

    BUT now the display option "show monitor refresh rate", which popped up the refresh rate in the top right corner of the screen, now dosn't show a number anymore. Do you know why? Its not a "showstopper" for the nice monitor but why this option doesn't work anymore. Even when I go back to 60 Hz ... :-(

  • rjb_08rjb_08 Posts: 2Member New User
    I bought this monitor as well the other day. And now also facing the same problem. Is there any fix for this issue now? I am using mini displayport to displayport connected to my rog laptop GL502VM as it only has hdmi and mini displayport connection. 

    Hope someone will respond. 

  • DarksaidDarksaid Posts: 2Member New User
    Has there been a fix for this?

    I have the same issue with the follwing specs:

    Monitor: Acer Predator XB241H
    CPU: i5 6600K
    RAM: 16GB DDR4
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080

    I am using the included DP cable, but running at 144hz on 1080p is giving me the DP issue.

    Tried the following: Reinstall nvidia drivers, tried another DP port on my GPU.

    Looking forward to an answer!

  • DarksaidDarksaid Posts: 2Member New User
    Returned it at the store for a DoA swap.

    Hooked it up to my pc now and running fine so far.
    Will be back with an update if it fixes the issue permanently so other people don't have to search for a fix alot and just know this is probably a DoA issue.
  • SnizzSnizz Posts: 1Member New User
    edited June 2
    Hey guys,

    I had this same issue when exiting and alt-tab'ing out of BF1

    - OC the monitor to 160hz refresh rate by navigating through the monitor menus 
    - Windows search for 'View Advanced display info' then click -> 'Display adaptor properties for Display 1' 
    - List all modes 
    - 1920 by 1080, TC (32-bit), 160 Hertz - (Resolution will be different depending on monitor)

    Then match your game video options to the display adaptor setting.
    So in BF1 my video setting are 1920 x 1080 -159.98hz (which matches 1920 by 1080, TC (32-bit), 160 Hertz which we set in 'List all modes')

    If your games video settings only goes to 140 or 144hz, then use that option for the display adaptor properties but turn OC off as the monitor can do 144hz without OC.

    The Displayport logo keeps popping up because every time you are exiting the game, the monitor is having to re-calibrate the refresh rate.

    Hope this helps.


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