Acer E5-575G-55KK - is this a M.2 Slot?

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Acer E5-575G-55KK


I see a slot that looks like it is for a M.2 SSD drive on the board.  Can it be confirmed what fits here?  Acer support had no clue when I called them.



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    What non accessible feature are you talking about?


    That question aside you can stick whatever M.2 style SSD you want in there.  It should support both NVMe PCIe SSD's and SATA SSD's.  You can spend about $80 on Newegg for a 256 GB SATA SSD, or spend $100 for a low end 256 GB NVMe SSD, or $130 for the fastest 250 GB NVMe SSD available right now.  It will mostly boil down to how much capacity do you want, and how much do you have to spend.

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