Acer Aspire T - Adding A Graphics Card

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I own an Aspire T - ACT-705-ER52 - -

I want to get a graphics card installed.  

The guy in my neighbourhood computer store wanted to sell me the Geforce GTX 960 4 GB

But when I actually brought in my Acer Desktop for the installation and he opened it up he said that there was no room for it and my only option would be to uninstall the USB3 ports, which I declined to do.

The other memory card I'm looking at is the NVIDIA Quadro M2000 - -

And I see it gives dimentions as

Power Consumption Operational: 75 Watt
Depth: 6.6 in
Height: 4.3 in
Weight: 8.11 oz 

Can anybody tell me about adding a card to the Acer desktop ACT-705-ER52, whether it can be done, and if so is the M2000 compatible, and what requirements do I need to meet in a general sense if I were to look at other cards?