ACER R13 R7-372T: Thunderbolt 3 device manager and service questions

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I have recently wiped and completely reinstalled my Aspire R13 R7-372T from scratch (with a clean Windows 10 installation). However I am wondering how this Thunderbolt 3 thing is supposed to work. After a new installation, Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3.1 entries in device manager are missing but device manager does not show any exlamation marks. When I install Thunderbolt drivers (I used from the Intel homepage) manually (Windows Update does not deliver them), nothing seems to apparently change.


I have to run the Thunderbolt 3 (NVM: 18) Update Tool although the Firmware was already updated once before but the Update Tool seems to enable some stuff because after the reboot, the Thunderbolt software is started and I can see the controller details in the details page and Thunderbolt controller and USB 3.1 entries appear in device manager. However, after a reboot, they are gone again. 


I then recently discovered that the Thunderbolt 3 service is set to Manual not Automatic Start. Is that supposed to be on manual or automatic? However, no matter if the service is on manual or automatic, the entries in device manager do not come back. Is this supposed to be normal or is my hardware/installation broken somehow? I currently do not have a Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C device to test this with but I would like to know if others have the same problems.


Also, on a related note, the details section in the TB software says that external GPUs are not supported. What if I wanted to buy the Acer external graphics dock or another TB3 dock? Would it work?


I have the latest BIOS 1.11

This is the details section:



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    I'm having a similar problem after resetting my computer. Installing the thunderbolt firmware from the acer website works perfectly and I also got the NVM update tool. But no Thunderbolt devices show up in the device manager or in the thunderbolt tray utility.


    also running on a ACER R13 R7-372T

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