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Ubuntu uefi alongside windows 10

i'd like to install ubuntu 16.10 on my v15 nitro (592g) in dual boot with window 10, but i have a problem.
The problem is that at the end of the installation process my laptop reboots in windows like nothing happened, and i can't find a way to make grub2 to show up during the boot.
I installed with and without secure boot, i run boot-repair from my live usb, but nothing changed, grub doesn't show up and there is no ubuntu entry in the f12 boot menu.
The only way to make in boot was to install it in legacy mode, but that way to use windows i had to go into uefi settings and switch to uefi mode, not really what i wanted.

Is there a way to install ubuntu in full uefi mode and use grub 2 as main bootloader, with both ubuntu and windows 10 entry on it?

Thank you very much.

ps:i tryed both manual partitioning and "install alongside windows 10 boot manager", the installation ends with no issues, but windows keeps booting up without giving me any choiche.

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  • absolut33absolut33 Posts: 17Member

    Did you try with these (get of ubuntu forum):


    not sure turn off windows fast start-up necessary
    for sure not necessary disable Secure Boot in bios in my case <a lot of advice stress the importance of this

    I try to recap my solving (for computer laptop acer E5-571-57H1)
    (after installed xubuntu)

    turn on and press F2, bios come up (mine called InsydeH20 setup utility rev. 5.0)
    go to page Security
    go to "Set Supervisor Password" press ENTER (I set pass "a")
    go to "Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing:" press ENTER
    a new page appear with listed:

    press ENTER on the first HDD0 and see if a sub list with the name "<EFI>" comes up (in my case did not show <EFI> but: recycle bin and system volume info)
    press ENTER on the second HDD0 and see if a sub list with <EFI> comes up (in my case showed <EFI> and <boot-sav>)
    press ENTER on <EFI>, new list comes
    press ENTER on<ubuntu>, new list comes with:

    press enter on each one and give them a for you recognizable name (I used "xubuntushimx64efi", "xubuntugrubx64efi", "xubuntuMokManagerefi")
    and press Yes

    save and exit

    go back in bios f2

    go to "Set Supervisor Password" and set pass to nill-blank (you want to eliminate a not necessary password that you could forget...)

    go to "boot page" tab
    you should find the named shimx64.efi, grubx64.efi, MokManager.efi
    bring them up in the priority boot list (above windows if you want ubuntu default system)

    go to page main - enable F12 boot menu
    save and exit

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