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Acer Aspire V5-571 - Sound driver help / SSD help / Windows 10 clean install help

Can anyone offer me some advice with my Acer Aspire V5-571? I have been having some issues.


When I got the laptop in 2013 it had Windows 8 and a 750GB hard disk. I know that Windows 10 is not officially supported by Acer on this particular model. However, I updated to Windows 10 earlier this year when it was free and when the Windows 10 upgrad advisor said there were no issues.


Last week I purchased a 960GB SSD to put into the laptop to replace thr 750GB drive. The SSD was recognised fine by the BIOS and I have installed Windows 10 on to it. However, I am having issues with a clean install that I did not have on the previous installation of Windows 10. I am having some disk errors in Event Viewer:


2016-11-13 (4).png


2016-11-13 (5).png


I also noticed that in my previous installation of Windows 10 on here (which was uphgraded over 8.1), my hard disk controller in Device Manager was listed as an Intel SATA AHCI Controller (series 7 I think) but now it is Standard SATA AHCI Controller, so a generic Windows driver:


2016-11-13 (2).png


Is this driver sufficient?


Also, on my previous Windows 8.1 -> Windows 10 install on the 750GB drive, I had a feature of the Acr/Realtek sound driver called Dolby Surround in the system tray in the bottom right - I could right click it and turn it on or off. Well I have downloaded the driver from Acer's driver section (called Audio_Realtek_v6.0.1.7027_W81x64_A.zip) but when I install this on my clean Windows 10 install on the SSD, although it installs the Realtek driver, it doesn't install the Dolby utility - so I cannot enable the surround sound anymore. Any ideas?


If anybody has any ideas on the above it would be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy I am reluctant to put all my backed up data (200GBs worth) back on the SSD drive yet if there is a problem with it and it's not going to work.


Has anybody else had success putting an SSD into this model of laptop?


Many thanks



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  • sharky25ksharky25k Posts: 473Member Skilled Practitioner



    I think you miss the chipset drivers, and this can cause the issues which you experience with the SATA drive. But I cannot exclude the fact that the SSD itself can have some hardware issues.


    You can try to install the 8.1 chipset drivers and see if it would help.


    Regarding the audio driver, in the archive you have a folder called PCEE4 where you have the dolby software. Install those to have dolby.


    By the way, why you did not clone the HDD into the SSD. It would have been a simpler solution, and you probably wouldn't have these driver issues.

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