Aspire ES1-523 exit from UEFI setup boots to UEFI setup

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Hi guys,

Just got an Aspire ES1-523. Was setting up for dual boot of Win10 and Linux Mint 18. Shrunk Win 10 partition from within windows to make room for Linux partitions. Got system to boot from UEFI USB and used gparted from Linux Mint Live to make and format new partitions, then installed Mint using new partitions for"/" and "swap".

All seemed fine until reboot... Now boots to UEFI setup and exit from UEFI setup goes to boot and boots UEFI setup. I'm locked in a bit of a loop...

How can I get the boot loader to point to Win 10 boot manager or grub2 boot manager instead of UEFI (bios) setup???


  • brummyfan2

    I hope that you have made a full image backup of your OS prior to dual booting installation, it's a good practice to do so, you could try repairing with EasyBCD:

  • krono
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    im having the same problem wondering if u found any information about it

  • adammm
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    In BIOS under Security tab you should have "select an UEFI file as trusted for executing" option (if it's inactive - set supervisor password). It allows you to point which bootloader from EFI partition should be booted. If your installation was ok you should find somethingx64.efi (I'm using ubuntu so I don't know how it will be named for Mint or Windows) and select it to boot.

  • grakkio
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    Hi. I have same problem on my Acer Aspire. After installed Ubuntu 16.04, I've restarted the system and wrongly select "System Setup" from Grub2. This choice brought me in BIOS, but now I can't exit from it. If i restart (saving or not settings) the laptop restarts in bios..

    I did several tests (restore bios default, disabled secure boot, change bios mode from uefi to legacy) but nothing, I still can load only bios on my aspire.

    Tried to load EFI file from disk as you suggested in your post, saving bios and restarted but the system anyway load only BIOS.

    Please Help me!!