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V3-551 - Problems with boot up - error code 0xc0000225

Recently bought an Aspire V3-551, after only 2 weeks it stopped booting up after a series of updates were being installed.

After some discussion with tech support I've been forced to send the laptop off to their repair centre in Plymouth.

anybody had a similar problem or had recent experience of the repair service? Searching the net I've read a lot of negative reviews, mostly about poor service, bad practice, arguments over liability etc...



its been a while since I last bought a laptop and I was shocked at a few things that now seem the norm;

1. No recovery disks? when did it become acceptable to sell a pc without either installation or recovery disk?

- Acers response was to use the recovery flash drive I should have burnt when I got the laptop.. Really? It's my fault? The other option was to pay £51 for Acer to send me a recovery flash drive.. **bleep** cheek.


2. No software disks? I remember a few years ago reading a Which Magazine article where it declared pc retailers selling machines with no s/w disks was actually illegal and amounted to software piracy.. So why no Win8 disks? 

- the Which report was simple, how do you prove ownership of the software on your machine without the OEM disks? Especially if the machine is defective or being upgraded, how do you provide the license key?


I've upgraded hard drives in the past and had to go through the re-install and verification process numerous times, so how do I do that now when I have no guarantee that the retailer, or Acer, haven't 'volume' installed my licensed s/w on other machines?


3. I was glibly told by the repair centre that if the problem is software related I would incur a charge to fix the problem? What? What is the point of a warranty if not to fix your pc in the event of failure? I agree that any fault as a result of wilful damage is your own responsibility, but with too many updates now being forced through with no input from the user, who is to blame then?


my main concern is that in the 2-weeks I had the laptop I spent most of that installing iTunes, syncing my iPad and iPhone, starting to download my Libary, and installing Office 10... just when it was becoming a useable machine, pow. 


IF. I had the installation disks I would have simply formatted the drive an started from scratch, which is very likely what Acer repairs will do, but I may very well get charged for the privilege of THEM installing MY software, something I could have easily done myself.


rant over... I'll let you know what the outcome is when I hear back from 'Unit M' later.


  • alun101_ukalun101_uk Posts: 2Member
    Seems the HDD was faulty, laptop in transit, when I get it back will let you know if any other issues arise... bit crap that a new laptop has faulty HDD after only 2 weeks.
  • Arfur-DaleyArfur-Daley Posts: 1Member

    My last Acer 5 years ago had a problem copying the backup software so Acer changed the dvd writer even after saying there was nowt wrong with it,as soon as it came back I popped in a dvd ( 1 of 4 needed) and bingo no probs all done in 30 minutes.

    Next it went back 3 times for broken hinges (design fault) and each time it was away for 2 weeks,on the last occasion they nicked my perfectly good hard drive with all my photos and important files and binned it for a new drive even though it was perfect..unbelievable !!!

    I also agree its disgusting that laptops come with no software backups and if you have to go out and buy a usb flash drive on top of paying for your laptop it just stinks..in my case I was lucky enough to get a brand new unopened "Comet Special" a V3-551 £450 laptop for £341 on ebay receipt and all so forking out for a 64 gig flash drive was still in my budget.

    I swore last time Id never buy another Acer but I decided it was too good a price to miss ..so we shall see what happens this time...


  • BestHomesBestHomes Posts: 4Member

    I have similar with a desktop Aspire AX3400-U2022 which I sent in for repair 7 times in 6 months and they never fixed it!


    Finally gave up plan to replace MB on my own.


    I WILL NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anither Acer product in my life, nor will I allow my family or friends to do so.


    The company is the PITS !!!

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