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acer aspire e5-571 black screen(will not boot)


im having a problem, my e5-571 will not boot. i turn it on, the light turns on aswell, and i can clrealy hear the fan starting to work. but all i get is a black screen. no boot screen no logo no nothing.

i tried taking out the RAM and back in, doing the whole f2, f8, f10, f12 thing, but nothing.

i read an article that say a bios recovery will solve the problem.

i tried doing it using a usb stick and bios files from the support site, but nothing happened. it seems that it havnt started a recovery.

i have no idea how to fix this problem and i would be happy to get your help!


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  • Elkino2003Elkino2003 Posts: 68Member Troubleshooter

    1. For how long have you been using your machine?


    2. When did you start seeing the black screen?


    3. Have you tried repairing before all by yourself?


    4. Has anybody tried to open up your machine before?


    From what I see, it's a hardware problem.

    Pls answer the above questions

  • shimivakshimivak Posts: 5Member
    I have it for 2 years, it happened a month ago.
    By saying "tried to repair", what do you mean?
    And i open it to see if anything got disconnected some how
  • Elkino2003Elkino2003 Posts: 68Member Troubleshooter

    The reasons why I asked you all those questions means that something isn't fixed well


    Check your hard disk. Remove it and replace it well


    Also the CMOS battery can cause that.


    Anything that you're pretty sure you had touched internally, pls go back

    And amend changes


    If all these aren't working then pls pay attention to your monitor


  • shimivakshimivak Posts: 5Member
    No one open the computer before the issue appeared. I open it and checked the hard driver and ram.
    After that the monitor worked for 5 minutes and then crashed.
    It happened twice.
  • Elkino2003Elkino2003 Posts: 68Member Troubleshooter

    At this point you need a novice to assist you physically.


    Once there's a total black screen and nothing appear, it shows that

    Your monitor is at stake.


    But I'm sure you need a replacement either new one or home used.

  • david_williams2david_williams2 Posts: 1Member

    Hey Shimivak, with great positive hopes i would begin here, hoping that by now you've overcome your prolonged issue, however if you still haven't i won't really suggest you to deal with it only to make situation go more messed up. your situation seems familiar as i was stuck by the same boot issue... i read many articles and nothing really happened to sooth things as i am no geek. Hence after dailing many number to cure my lappy i zeroed down to this  toll-free helpline no. of Microsoft U.S tech support


    [edited to comply with guidelines - removed phone number to third party service - not MS]

  • shimivakshimivak Posts: 5Member
    Do you remember what they did? It would be easier considering the fact that I am not from the US
    Thanks for your comment
  • drmujaheddrmujahed Posts: 1Member
    I have the same problem here.
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