A factory reset without using keyboard

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My Acer Aspire switch 10 has had a complete meltdown. I tried to reset it and now it only shows the start up screen saying Acer explore beyond limits for a few seconds then goes black and then shows it up again and just keeps doing this until I turn it off.


How can I do a factory reset without pressing keys while it is powering up as I have tried that.


I almost want a small button that you use a paperclip to press for a reset but don't think it has one!!



  • Acer-Karp_Retired
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    We suggest you try pressing power button + volume down for 30 to 60 seconds.

    You can perform a factory reset.



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  • Garabadian
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    I reset fine, but now the tablet can't connect with the keyboard and no response on the touchscreen tablet. What to do now? This computer is very troubling. I have a n15p2
  • Jojo479
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    Very true, this is fail product. As i bought  it stopped working iwithin a month. Keeyboard and mouse. The keyboard connecter is fail