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Acer aspire es1-111m bios flash black screen

Dear all,


    Recently I encountered the black screen problem that when I turned on the laptop es1-111m only showing black scree


Here are the symptoms:

1. Black screen..no even bios or Acer logo

2. The blue light is on ..battery is charging

3. When I plug in USB devices...it has power


Here are the things I tried suggested by other users online, but none of them work:


1. Took out batteries and unplug Ac adaptor..press down the power button for 1 minutes or so..restart..no impact

2. Try our different RAM...no impact

3. Format a USB into either fat or fat32 format ....put in bios files...hold FN+ESC Button 

For this method the blue power light was blinking as many users reported online but seems like the bios is not flashed:

For the bios file I tried

a.) one from other user which is named ZHK.fd but that's all

b.) The one downloaded from Acer support website which is exe file for window and then I extracted all files to the USB but no impact at all


Does anyone know what is the problem...many thanks in advance




FAQ & Answers

  • Acer-KarpAcer-Karp Posts: 1,811Acer Crew

    Acer Crew

    Have you tested the laptop with another screen to see if it shows image?

    What Windows are you running (the one that came with the computer)?

    Is the laptop in warranty?

    Do you have the midia to reinstall the Windows?


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