Screen cuts out intermittently and keyboard may be possessed...

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Recently purchased an ACER Aspire TC-710 (comes with mouse & keyboard) - from day one the screen intermittently shuts down, normally after the tower has started up and then at random times whilst in use. I'd had no issues with the monitor/tv prior to hooking it up to THIS desktop, so I'm pretty convinced the problem is the tower, not the screen. When the monitor "shuts down", it does not switch off completely - there is still some colour (dark grey) to the entire screen, and a noise sounds from the tower indicating something is being opened/closed, etc. 


The keyboard supplied also appears to have a mind of its own - occasionally the keys don't work at all, and the indicator "lights" in the top right hand corner have NEVER worked (showing Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc) - and, yes, I've changed the batteries, etc etc etc.


Contacted ACER twice, obviously with no resolve.

Have I been sold a total lemon, or has anyone else experienced something similar?

Apologies for being a complete techno ingnoramous - I just have NO idea what to do from here. Please help.


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    This is not the experience we want our customers have. We would like to what we can do to help you get this resolved. Please send a private message with the serial number of the system and if you have a case number or case ID from when you spoke with support, that would be helpful as well.