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R3-471T not shutting down completely or turning on normally.

So about a week or two ago I updated my r3-471T to windows 10 anniversary addition, did some updates through the acer care center app and did a disc defrag and error check on my hard drive. But ever since it has issues shutting down and coming up normally, like I've noticed that when I shut it down and (and I always shut it down by going to the windows button then power then shut down) that the light next to the symbol that looks like a light bulb is still lit up blue or sometimes a flashing orange. Then when I would go to turn it on I would press the power button once and it would start up but now I have to press and hold the button for at least a minute to get it to start or if I notice the lights on when I shut it down then I have to press and hold the power button until the light shuts off and after that it will start up normally. Now originally this was only happening after I would charge the computer overnight but now it's doing it just randomly. I have tried using a different power cord, I've taken it to geek squad and they ran their programs and there was nothing wrong with it, I've ran a couple free diagnostic programs that I found online and they say nothing is wrong with it. The only other thing that I can think of to do is plug the charger into a different power strip or directly into the wall but since it doesn’t do this just after being charged I don't know that that will fix it. But I'm also wondering if since one of the updates that I did through the acer app before I was having this issue is a power management update if that maybe caused the issue. Though I'm wondering if this is a software or hardware issue. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions or fixes?


Here is some info on my computer.


It's an Acer R3-471T Running windows 10 Anniversary Edition

i5 12gb Ram 256 ssd


FAQ & Answers

  • The anniversary update is having compatability problems whith your charging system is what it sounds like. When that light is flashing orange, i don't think it's charging.

    Did it come with Windows 10? Do you have an i7? Is the bios at the latest? Version 1.12

    If not you can try the bios and see if it fixes it.

    If not you may want to do a recovery back to factory and wait until the bugs are out of the update.


  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    So I wanna say that it has done the orange flashing thing even when it was not pluged into a charger. My computer origonally came with windows 8 and it is an i5 not an i7. As far as bios I honnestly don't know what version my bios and I don't know how to check. I had done a backup before I had done a disc defrag and all those updates so I'm thinking I may restore my computer to factory settings I just wasn't sure if that would solve anything.

  • In windows search, type System Information and click it. You will see 





  • There's two versions of the R3-471T.  The Haswell version and the Broadwell version.


    If you have the Haswell-ULT version, then Acer Care Center unfortunately gave you the buggy Windows 10 version Turbo Boost driver....which is the same thing as the buggy Windows 10 version Intel Management Engine interface driver.  Confusing eh?  Someone in the Acer Care Center Dept didn't get the memo.  Smiley Wink


    Most people either rollback the driver or download/install the Windows 8.1 intel managment engine interface driver from Acer's website. as a workaround.


    Haswell i5 are 4200U or 4210U.


    If you don't have Haswell version, then please disregard my post.









    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    So this is my bios and other than restoreing the computer how would I go through bios to try and fix the issue. Now I have been thinking about restoreing my computer to factory settings but my question and maybe you can answer this is my computer came with windows 8 on it pre loaded but I upgraded to 10 when it was free. So if I restore it using bios or something other than the recovery media I made when it had 8 is it going to restore back to windows 8 or windows 10 and if it restores back to windows 8 will I be able to put update it to windows 10 without having to pay the $100 for the operating system.



  • If you go to Change PC settings/Update and Recovery/Refresh your PC, it should reinstall Windows 10 as it was before the Anniverary update, without deleting your personal files.

    The next setting will delete everything.

  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    Yes extreamlly confusing and I have no clue witch version I have. Now I did look for the program/driver you were talking about but it when I went to the link and put my model number in it did not find anything. The other thing is I wanted to try and roll back the pwer management update that was installed before all these issues started but I can't find it.

  • Here's the Driver JordanB mentioned

    MgmtEngineIntelME (Management Engine)Driver9.5.24.1790114.0 MB2014/10/08Download


    Here's how you find your drivers at Acer


  • I already told you how to fix the problem.


    This is the Intel Management Engine Interface driver you want.  I highlighted it in yellow.


    Good luck.





    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    So I found the the management driver on the page for windows 8 drivers but when I run it gives me this error message and I can't find one for the windows 10.





  • Try this:


    1. restart your computer


    2. Download the driver in link below




    3. Left click on the folder you just downloaded to highlight it and then click "Extract" and then click "Extract All"





    4.  Navigate to the extracted folder and double click it





    5. Double click the "setup" as indicated below.



    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    When I had downloaded it from acer's website I had extracted it before I tried to run it and I did download it from the link you posted through intel's website and extract it and it gave me the same error message. I think there is a compatibility issue with windows 10 and that driver.


  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    So it doesen't give me a refresh option but I'm assuming I would go under the first option of reset this pc and it should give me the option there? I think I'm also going to try and contact microsoft and see if I restore it to factory settings am I still going to be able to put 10 back on it without paying for it.




  • 1. Resetting it might not give you Windows 8.1.  It might give you Windows 10.....so you'll be back in the same boat with the well known problematic mei


    2. It's free to re-upgrade to Windows 10 again if you go back to Windows 8.1.  But you have to use the media creation tool from Microsofts website.


    3.  Sometimes that error occurs when you try to install the MEI.  I don't know why.


    4.  There is a known compatibility issue with MEI (and Turbo boost driver and Haswell ULT that causes shutdown problems exactly like you describe (and sleep Issues).


    5. Using the Windows 8.1 MEI driver is a known workaround.


    6. Try to uninstall your Intel Management Engine Interface driver from Device Manager.  After you uninstall it, restart your computer.  Wait about a half hour....and Microsoft will automatically install th buggy driver again.  Try again to install the Windows 8.1 Intel Managment Engine Interface driver.





    7,  In this particular case, Acer's incompetence of giving you the buggy Turbo Boost driver through Acer Care Center...they should be the one's helping you.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • danitwelve91danitwelve91 Posts: 11Member New User

    Yeah I'm about to go get a flash drive so that I can either use it to create windows 10 recovery media through my laptop or through Microsoft's media creation thing. Then I was going to first try and do what one of you two suggested and try first to reset my computer and see if it will put it back to the windows 10 before the stupid anniversary update and if that doesn't work then I'm going to try and restore it to factory settings. I did get ahold of someone at Microsoft and they did say that if I restored my computer to factory settings as long as I had the product key for windows 8 which I'm assuming is on the bottom of my computer that they would help me put windows 10 back on there for free. Now I don't know if I believe them and that’s why I want to create the windows 10 media.

  • We're having a communication problem and it's probably my fault.


    1. Using the media creation tool to create Windows 10 recovery media will still give you the problematic Intel Management Engine Interface driver


    2.  If you go back to Windows 8.1, then you use the Windows 10 media creation tool to upgrade again, however, you select Upgrade this PC.  When you upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Microsoft leaves your existing Windows 8.1 Intel MEI driver alone and your PC should work fine....shutdown fine....sleep fine.


    3.  Since your computer came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and you already have a digital license for Windows 10, there's no need to enter a Windows key.  The key will be automatically retrieved from the UEFI.



    There's a couple more avenues that you can take.


    1. Use your Windows 8.1 factory default recovery drive.


    2. If you forgot to create a factory default Windows 8.1 recovery drive, you can order you recovery media from the Acer Store.




    3. You can also install vanilla Windows 8.1.





    If you upgrade to Windows 10 again, Do Not use Acer Care Center to install the Windows 10 Turbo Boost driver  Do not download the Turbo Boost driver from Acer's website either. Do not use the Intel Management Engine interface driver either.


    If you want a driver that works for Windows 10 for your Haswell-ULT version R3-471T, then use Intel Management Engine interface driver, but you'll need a geek friend to help you locate and install that driver.


    Edit: There's thousands and thousands of people with Acer, HP, Dell etc computers that are currently using the Windows 8.1 driver for their Haswell-ULT computer with Windows 10 as workaround for the shutdown/hang, sleeop/hang issue.  Just do some googling.


    Good luck.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • If it's been less than 10 days, you can try to get back to the version of Windows before Anniversary.   But Windows 10 Anniversary isn't your problem. Your problem is you used Acer Care Center to update to the Turbo Boost driver Intel Management Engine interface driver  Which is Acer's fault.  They never should have had that Turbo Boost driver update available for you....and should have removed that driver for Haswell-ULT.


    Going back to the previous version of Windows 10 might give you your Windows 8.1 Intel MEI driver back.....this will hopefully undo your Acer Care Center Turbo Boost driver update.







    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • Before doing anything I'd use a third party software package such as from Nirsoft to save the license keys currently stored on your computer. This way if a problem should occur, you will have record of the keys.

  • Yeah, like I said previously, you don't need your Windows product key because...


    A.  Your Windows 10 product key is not unique.  It's just a generic key and meaningless.


    B. Your Windows 8.1 key is stored in the UEFI and you don't need to enter it for either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 installation.  It will be automatically retrieved.   If you had to (and you won't), you can manually retrieve your Windows 8.1 key from a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 USB media from a command prompt.


    C. Your Windows 8.1 key would only be necessary if you had a retail copy of Windows 8.1.  And you don't have a retail copy....you have an OEM copy of Windows and the key is stored in the UEFI.  And your Windows 10 license is a digital entitlement (digital license) linked to your Microsoft account.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • "Yer pays yer money and yer takes yer chance." Said that is what I would do, not that you had to.


    Just have needed license numbers before to restore a system and the Windows (7, 8, 10) key is different on every one of my machines. Good to have the key for Office also in case you need to move/reinstall.

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