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Acer Aspire Laptop v3-771-6621: How fix battery problem "39% available (plugged in, not charging)"

Hi Acer Community,


I purchased my Acer Aspire Laptop v3-771-6621 in 2012.  It was not used much for the 1st couple of years. Over the last couple of years, I have been leaving it turned on and plugged in to AC most of the time, and using it quite heavily.  


In the last couple of months the "plugged in, not charging" warning has been displayed  at the bottom right of the system tray and I have watched the battery icon get lower over the past few weeks from i.e. 80% down now to 39%.  I also see an orange light flashing on the front of my laptop (seems to be for the battery).


How can I get the battery to start charging & check the battery quality (hope I don't need to replace it or the adapter)? I tried the recommended process of "uninstalling the MS ACPI Compliant COntrol Method Battery, Scan for hardware changes" a couple times and it did not fix the problem. 

Your assistance is appreciated. Thank you.


FAQ & Answers

  • You can do a battery report


    The power supply seems fine?

    The flashing light usually means the battery is bad

  • TorontoAcerTorontoAcer Posts: 5Member

    Thanks, Philetus, for your reply.  I am using Windows 7 on the Acer laptop.  Is there a way to do a battery report for my operating system on my laptop?


    Could you clarify what you mean by the "power supply seems fine"?  (I am suing it plugged in to AC, and wouldnt be able to use it unplugged as currently battery at 37%).  The orange light is still blinking.


    It would be great to know how to accurately assess my current situation.  I look forward to further advice.



  • TorontoAcerTorontoAcer Posts: 5Member

    Sorry for my typo.   I meant:   (I am "using" it plugged in to AC, and wouldnt be able to use it unplugged as currently battery at 37%)


    BTW, I just tried running the powercfg -energy report for Windows 7 (from links you provided), which after doing the 60 second tracing shows the error/warning/informational summary in the dos window, but each time I try to view the energy-report.html, I get error warnings in both Chrome & Firefox, so i cannot view the actual report. It also doesnt seem to contain nearly the same battery info as for Windows 8/10. Please assist, if there is a battery report for Windows 7, instructions would be very helpful.



    Thank you, Evelyn

  • sharky25ksharky25k Posts: 473Member Skilled Practitioner



    Use HW monitor http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html and please report back the designed capacity, actual capacity and the wear level. If you have a very high wear level on the battery, that means that you need a replacement for the battery.

  • Copy the reportto the desktop and try to open it.

  • TorontoAcerTorontoAcer Posts: 5Member

    Hi. I was able to copy the html file to my desktop & open in Firefox.  Here is some info that I copied and pasted from the energy report.


    Battery:Last Full Charge (%)
    The battery stored less than 50% of the Designed Capacity the last time the battery was fully charged.
    Battery IDOEMAS10D31
    Design Capacity48400
    Last Full Charge23012
    Last Full Charge (%)47


    Battery:Battery Information
    Battery IDOEMAS10D31
    Serial Number 
    Long Term1
    Design Capacity48400
    Last Full Charge23012


    I now see that the last full charge was for less than 50% of the design capacity...My next question is:  

    How can I tell if it is because my battery needs to be replaced or it's charger/transformer? I appreciate your continued feedback, as I am new to this problem.  If I need to replace 1 or both, any recommendations for how/where I can quickly obtain OEM or similar quality replacements (I'm in Canada).  The battery is down to 36%. Thank you



  • The battery report shows the power supply attempted to fully charge the battery. From the looks of the report data, the battery is worn out.

    You can test the power supply.


    Buy a battery.


  • TorontoAcerTorontoAcer Posts: 5Member

    Thank you for your help with this request. I appreciate it. Cheers, Evelyn

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