Laptop power randomly cuts off, shuts down Windows 10

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I have had this problem for the last maybe 10 days, and I have even talked to customer service about it.


On occasion, the laptop power cuts off at random.  The screen goes blank for about 15 seconds, then the system shuts down.  I can turn it back on, but I must verify my identity in Windows before I can proceed.  (That's why I mentioned the OS in the subject line).


I chatted with customer service, which gave me a set of instructions to restart the battery.  However, I did not write those instructions down, so my attempt to reset failed.  The power cuts continue.


I would like to see the instructions re-posted so I can make a note of them and try again.


Thank you.


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    Model? When was it purchased? What was the factory-installed operating system?


    Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ
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    Here are the instructions:

    You basically just unplug your charger and then find the pinhole in your laptop's underside and push a paperclip into it. The pinhole should have a little icon that resembles a battery being disconnected. You leave it sitting without power for 5 minutes and then power it on.