Acer Aspire ES 15 ridiculously slow

urlmurlm Member Posts: 13
I've had it for about 9 months now. Barely used it because it's absolutely useless. It's been this way from the start, after about 2 weeks it completely froze to the point where I had to reformat the entire computer.

Now my main computer is on repair and I'm forced to use this one, and I feel increasingly frustrated over how poor it performs.

It's unable to perform simple tasks such as using Google Chrome. It constantly lags and freezes, and my old laptop from 2004 performs better.

I chose Acer because I've had positive experiences with it before, but now I feel ripped off.

Is it really supposed to be this useless? It's cheap, but the specs are astronomically better than that of an older computer that outperforms it.

I feel like they're intentionally punishing people for buying cheaper computers. I should've listened to the guy at the store who told me this computer works best as bookend.

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