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The microphone on my acer Chromebook r11 barely picks up audio. Can I adjust that?

prattleonprattleon Member Posts: 4

I just got my Acer Chromebook R11, and everything seems to work fine except the microphone.  I need to put my face right next to the mic and yell into it in order for it to pick up any audio.  Is there a way to adjust the microphone volume?  Thanks!

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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Acer Crew Posts: 871 Acer Crew

    You can't adjust the mic volume level with ChromeOS. You can use an external mic/headset, speak louder or speak closer and towards the microphone hole, which is near the webcam camera lens on the top of the lid.

  • readmenacereadmenace Member Posts: 2

    Hi -- I just bought an R11 Chromebook and its internal microphone also barely works. I tested it with a recording app, and it *barely* picks anything up. Very faint. I'd rather not have to use an external microphone. It's not adustable. Is this a defect?  I wondering if I should go through the trouble of returning it and getting another, or are all R11's like that. 

  • prattleonprattleon Member Posts: 4

    Mine was factory recertified (refurbished).  I returned it and bought a new one.  The microphone works on this one.  

  • readmenacereadmenace Member Posts: 2

    Hmm. I might get a second one, see if it works, and return one of them. Costco, so I shouldn't have any trouble. 

  • prattleonprattleon Member Posts: 4

    That's ecaxtly what I did.  Good luck.  

  • montysmythmontysmyth Member Posts: 1

    I bought my Acer R11 last week and I have just discovered that I have exactly the same problem. OK Google doesn't pick anything up If I shout about 1 inch from the microphone and I can barely hear anything played back doing a Skype test call. Please post if you discover a fix and I'll do the same. Thanks.

  • prattleonprattleon Member Posts: 4

    Return it.  That is not normal behavior.

  • AlvinCAlvinC Member Posts: 1 New User

    Had the same problem last week.  New R11 from Costco.com. Ran several mic tests from websites and compared results with other devices I own.  


    Exchanged it and no longer have this problem.


    Must have been a bad batch of microphones.



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