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Buzzing sound request for full refund!

HI acer,


I write you here and I hope for answer! Otherwise I will make sure that I will write in every single forum for PC about your services and your laptops!

Im sick of it!

In February I bought a brand new acer aspire  VN7-792G-760E with serial number NXG6TEX024*** and SNID ***

After 1 month and half of usage the notebook start to do a buzzing sound , since my store from where I bought have the rights to open the notebook , they make a lot of tests and It was clear that the sound is not comming from HDD(we removed it) , also not from the  fans ( we stopped them for a few moment), so It was clear it was coming from the motherboard or from so called electrical regulators for the CPU voltage! We send the notebook to the acer aspire official service in my country( Sofia city) the notebook was there 1 month! after that It came with the results of diagnostic - motherboard/fans - work done - updating the system software/checked connection! So I guess when they checked the connection found the poor electrical regulators ! However exactly 2 months and 14 days the same problem is back. So acer please , tell me what I should do ? Send my notebook for 1300 Euro again to the service wait 1 month get it back and in 2 months again same problem! I write here cause I really dont want to speak with your official service in Bulgaria , because they are not very polite people! I want either a full refund so I can buy a new notebook , or give me a new one since this once is clearly with some factory issue. Im really sick this is outrageous, I got 6 years old acer notebook for 700 euro and he is silent dont make any sound at all(it is with SSD upgrade). And this notebook cost twice as much and its almost brand new. COMON! DO SOMETHING!


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FAQ & Answers

  • benton582benton582 Posts: 213Member Enthusiast

    Usually, this is the point where a WARRANTY(for a replacement of the product) should take place, not a repair. Please contact Acer Support and request it.

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