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Acer Aspire Keyboard - Escape F1 F2 F3 NOT WORKING Help!

Not Sure if this post belongs here but here goes nothing.


A few of the buttons on my top keyboard are locked and refuse to work

Esc, F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 Are not working. I press them and nothing happens.

I'm fearful I may have hit some function locked key on my keyboard and is preventing me from using these keys. Is here anyway I can click on a button my keyboard and reset everything. Or go to control panel and enable my top keys to work again. How can I stop this from happening? Any help is appreciated.

I attached a picture of what my keyboard looks like.

My computer is an Acer Aspire 7745G - Windows 10



FAQ & Answers

  • Have you tried pressing Fn key? Try combination of Fn+ any function key.

  • MikeVarga22MikeVarga22 Posts: 2Member

    I have but my function key doesn't seem to be co-operating either. Is there anyway I could reboot my keyboard in control panel or something? Or reset it somehow?

  • I'm sorry, I couldn't figure out and please be patient someone else will come up with an idea.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,919ACE Pathfinder

    Well I would start here to see if the keyboard mapping and driver is correct.


    Mine (Windows 10-64 Anniversary) is using what is identified as Microsoft driver 10.0.14393.0.


    Might also check under Control Panel>Language also.


    Have you tried using an external USB or Wireless keyboard ?


    The top row of the keyboard uses its own hardware line so break one wire and you lose the extended keys (including the Fn keys).



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