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wifi not working while using power cable

Dear Forum Members,


I am using Aspire V3-371. I realized lately that I cannot connect to wifi networks while using power cable.


OS: Win 8.1 64bit

The WiFi adapter: Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 Wireless Network Adapter

The device driver is up to date according to the message I get when I try to update the driver from device manager.


Since some people talk about power settings causing somewhat similar problem, I checked and changed it in multiple ways - at Hi Performance/ Balance/ Saving modes, and detailed setting for WiFi network adapter either at "Maximum Performance" or "Power Saving (Hi)" In any combination of those, I cannot connect WiFi while using power cable. When I take off the power cable and run off the battery, I can reconnect to WiFi.


I have the same problem with multiple access points, so it should not be the problem with WiFi router.


Your help would be highly appreciated.





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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Posts: 871Acer Crew Acer Crew

    If wifi on AC power worked before and now it doesn't, this appears to be a hardware issue. We would recommend it be serviced to check out the mainboard.

  • tw07tw07 Posts: 2Member

    Dear Acer-Mary,


    Thank you for your advice. I have no recollection if this trouble existed from the very beginning. Once I and my PC become ready, I will send it to repair as you suggest.






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