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R11 window 10 very slow hard disk 100% most of the time

Newly bought R11 come with default window 10 run very slow. The task show that the disk is 100% use most of the time. CPU and memory is less than 5% used.


What wrong with this laptop ? What can I do ?


Thank you

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  • adven7adven7 Posts: 14


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    Finally, after the 3 years when warranty is up. I decide to change the seagate HDD to Lexar NS100 SDD and the bottleneck is gone. It is the HDD that is the bottleneck but Acer service center disagree. Total cost of upgrade SSD $29 (128GB) and USB to SATA cable $4.50 and the backup and upgrade took about 4 hours. Now the speed of the laptop is normal (not superfast but fit for daily use). Previoysly load an application tooks 3 mins 50 sec, after the upgrade it took only 47 sec.    

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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Acer Crew Posts: 871 Acer Crew

    Not sure why this would occur out of the box but you might try restoring the system to factory configurations using the steps below. Test the system before installing any 3rd party software just to rule out that possibility. Perhaps other users have come across this issue and can chime in with suggestions as well.


    Use the following steps to reset your PC to factory default settings using Acer Care Center:

    1. Type Recovery in the search box.
    2. Click Acer Recovery Management.
    3. Click Get started to the right of Reset your PC.
    4. Click Remove everything.
    5. Click Just remove my files.
    6. Click Reset.
  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    Has it been like this for several days ? Is memory showing a lot of page faults or swaps ? Which disk do you have ? Is McAfee running ?

  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    I had reset to factory default and it is still very slow. I perform HDD check and realise the disk unable slow any status. Decide to sent back to factory for hardware check.


    Thank you 

  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    Memory is 8GB and not fully utilise. On check the disk read/write showing 1 or 2 Mbps it choke up at 100% disk usage. I suspect it is the hard disk problem. Return to factory for verifiction


    Thank you

  • michaeltraviesomichaeltravieso Member Posts: 6

    Hello i have a aspire ES1 -512-C1PW it does the same as this guys, it is always in 100% and it freezes, there were times that the task bar below would disappear and skype would freeze. i have 4 gb memory came with it when i checked it it said only has 3.88 of memory before i even installed anything to it. i cant have office it stops, freezes. i dont have anivirus for it i lost it, i only have window defender and i ran scans it says no viruses. is it because of the processor or i need more memory installed i have had to reset it to factory status like 4 times still problems


  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    1) Might also use the Microsoft EMET set "paranoid" (everything always). Think 5.5 is current. It plus Defender is good.


    2) CrystalDiskMark is pretty much a standard for measuring disk speed.

    - slow rotating disks & USB 2.0 flash drives usually run in the 30-40 MB/s range

    - fast rotating drives and USB 3.0 around 100 MB/s

    - SSDs can run 400-500 MB/s


    3) My Win10-32 devices usually run at about a gig, -64 2GB, 4GB should be pleanty for either. I only run 8GB because it is cheap and I can turn off the pagefile.


    4) That .12GB missing from the TOM is for the video buffer. No Big.


    5) My R11 (R3-131T-P344) has been hotrodded to 8GB memory and a Samsung Evo SSD. It can run with an i7 device.


    ps things that have been known to take a lot of resources if misconfigured are Bitlocker, compression, McAfee, and Skype



  • michaeltraviesomichaeltravieso Member Posts: 6

    I am sorry didnt understand a thing. i am not sure what to do besides slam it aginst the wall! now i click on something it it shows like a menu, it is the worst.


  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    Do you have a young neighbor who is into computers ? This is sounding like a major miscofiguration and just a normal reset that maintains your files/settings may not help.


    What is needed is someone who really understands these computers and Task Manager/services.msc.


    ps took me about three days and a Benjamin to make my R11 run the way I wanted. Now it is my favorite travel computer.

  • michaeltraviesomichaeltravieso Member Posts: 6

    i was thinking that it is cheap pc and thats why it cant handle anything, even like office so theres no use for it, my wife says if she cant use office because it cant hndle the program then why even sell this type of pc, it doesnt make sense. anyways i reset it back to factory settings 4 times still freaks out i done virus scans shows nothing. did defragmentation nothing, could it be that it cant handle windows 10 and it is too heavy for it? i dont know what else to think if i take it to the store they have me take it to some guy name franco at a rink a dink shop they dont do returns, refunds nothing here in panama so you buy you fry basically. if i take it they will keep it for months and then give it back the same.

  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    Send the 1 month old laptop back to service center. After a week they return back with full reset. I tested it on the spot at service center and it is still very slow. Next I did an acer care center diagnose on the HDD and it show hardware error. Request them to change HDD from WD to Seagate.


    Just collect back the laptop two days ago and now it seem slight faster. Do perform HDD check when slow.


    Overall still disappointed with this laptop performance.


  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    Exactly whch R11 (R3-131T-xxxx) is it ?


    OK something you said back at the start does not make sense:

    "CPU and memory is less than 5% used."


    Just loading the OS uses about 2GB of memory so Task Manager should show memory use around 40-60% for a 4 GB machine. That also says (CPU) the processor is not doing anything. Something is very wrong.


    ps just checked and running win10-64 Anniversary with IE, WORD, and Excel open am at 2.8GB (38% of 8 GB) used and CPU is sitting between 9 and 24%

  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    Mine Come with 8gb of memory. I remove some of the major app like Macfee so the memory usage is Low
  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    BTW, my W3-810 is pretty much worst case. This is what it looks like with both Word and Excel open (plus task manager (2760 processor, 2GB ram, 32 gb ssd)



  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    This is the third HDD that give this problem. Something is veru wrong with my laptop. HDD error again after service center replaced it.


  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    And what does the suggestion say ? I believe Seagate has some disk checking utilities.


    Unfortunately I replaced my Seagate with a Samsung EVO SSD. Runs much faster.

  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    The suggestion say to backup my data. Will download Seagate HDD diagnostic tool to run the test. If confirmed error will send back to service center the third time
  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    I saw a big performance improvement when I replaced the Segate HDD with a Samsung EVO SSD in mine. Seagate is now a backup drive in a USB container.

  • adven7adven7 Member Posts: 14


    I suspect Aspire R3-131T is one of the slowest laptop with many quality problem so don't buy this if you need to do MS office or work on it, this is not suitable laptop. The hard disk image with error 


  • padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,027 Pathfinder

    It sounds like your machine has a problem. What did the Seagate diagnostics say ?


    Unfortunately Acer chose to sell many very different computers all starting out R3-131T. The last four is what designates whether a very capable or very limited machine. However with 8GB and a 500GB drive yours should be one of the better ones with a N3700 CPU.


    That said just throwing parts at a problem without understanding what is the base issue is not very productive. I do know that the cable for the disk drive is delicate and you have to know how to open the clamp with a fingernail to remove the cable without damage.


    What I would do is to remove the disk, mount as a slave in a desktop, back it up, then run a full set of diagnostics. If that came out good, I'd mount a known good drive in the R3 making sure all cables were good and connected properly then run another set of diagnostics on the machine.


    Of course being retired and having several machines, I can take a day or two to get to the root of a problem. It is always the intermittants that are the most difficulot to find and usually takes A Lot of instrumentation to pinpoint it.


    For Acer after three tries on the same thing, suggest you might ask for a replacement.

  • michaeltraviesomichaeltravieso Member Posts: 6

    Hi everyone, I just need to know whether my laptop is slow normally and it's because it's a low budget one or maybe because theres something wrong and i need to send it to repair before the warrantee expires? i have the Aspire E 15 START laptop.   ES1-512-C-1PW


    I cant do much it is really slow and goes into 100% immediately i just use chrome, IE or now Firefox i tried to see if ny difference still same slow. i installed office and forget it it would not work right. so i dont know what to do i ran a scan and it says it is good.Screenshot (16).png

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