Half of H236HL monitor is darkened.

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So I've an H236HL monitor for about a year and a half now, and have technically always had this problem. However, it recently took a turn for the worse. Here's a picture showing how it currently looks: monitor2.jpg

It's a little bit better than what the camera sees, but still a nuisance. This issue has always actually been around ever sinced I purchased the monitor with varying differences, and has only now become an issue that I haven't been able to solve.


First off, the way the monitor is lit isn't always like what is shown above, although it is the most common. In the past, sometimes the monitor would only be lit in the bottom right corner, the top right corner would not be lit. Sometimes it would be the reverse and the bottom left would be lit, but not the right. Sometimes the entire would be dim, although I did manage to confirm at one point that the image is still being displayed, just extremely dim where you really had to sqint to see anything. To clarify one point here, all these combinations of the monitor being dimmed did not happen together, if that makes any sense. Some days (or weeks) a certain part of the monitor wouldn't brighten when being turned and another day (or week) it would be another. The only exception to this would be when the monitor would be completely dim which happened occasionally.


Before today, I've always been able to resolve the issues one way or another. When I first bought the monitor, just turning it off and on again would fix it, also it happened very infrequently. Later on it would whenever I turned it on. At this point just turning on again wouldn't always work the first few times anymore, it was like rolling dice to see if would work, sometimes it took 5 times, sometimes 100. Later I found a way to have it work 100% of the time (until now) which was to led the desktop put the monitors into standby mode and then wake them. Sometimes leaving the monitor on for 15-20 minutes and then turning it off and on again would allow the display to return to normal the first try. Now nothing I do can get the monitor returning to normal.


Today I let the monitor enter standby mode as normal, and as usual the monitor displayed normally, but only for a few seconds before returning to the state it was in before. In the past, when first turning on the desktop, the Acer icon would never be dimmed when the turning on the first time (subsequent attempts for turning the monitor off and on would often, but not always have a dimmed display), also the Bios screen was never dimmed. Both the Acer icon and the Bios screen are dimmed as of now. Is there anything that I can do? Or is my monitor busted? Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Sorry to hear your Acer monitor is not functioning as it should. Please send a private message with the serial number or SNID of the monitor and we'll see what we can do to help.

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    My S230HL Monitor dims a random corner at random intervals, sometimes almost daily.  I unplug for 2 hours and it clears - but what a nuisance!  Any solutions?