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I dropped my laptop and now the speakers don't work on my v3-571g

nbtnbt Member Posts: 1

My V3-571G fell about 15inches and now the speakers don't work.  The earphone speaker works but when i take earphones out I have not sound at all.  I took it to a tech person and he did the usual checks to make sure all the settings were okay and tested the speakers and the laptop said everthing should be working but there was no sound.  He then took the back of the laptop off and looked at the speakers.  No apparent damage to the speakers at all.  Speakers in place, no damage, connections in place as well.  No visual reason for them to be not working.  Anyone have any ideas.  He said it would be quite costly to replace them.  The Soud driver is completely up to date.

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  • Acer-MaryAcer-Mary Acer Crew Posts: 871 Acer Crew

    Sorry to hear you are having problems with your Acer laptop. Any fall can potentially cause damage to components on a laptop. There may be an issue with the mainboard since the speakers themselves are not damaged. At this point we would recommend service. Please go to http://www.acer.com/ac/en/NZ/content/contacts for contact information for support.

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