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Chromebook. The dog ate it!

spacekase1spacekase1 Posts: 5Member

Hello, I just replaced my chromebook, which my dog found quite tasty, judging from the side and back of it.  I have purchased an Acer Chromebook 15, but now I am stuck.  Does anyone have information about the brand/type of printer I should look for?  I've searched all over the web, but it just seems no one can give me "cloud-based" printing suggestions.  Anyone? Thank you, Spacekase1

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  • IronFlyIronFly Posts: 18,415ACE Trailblazer
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  • spacekase1spacekase1 Posts: 5Member

    Very sorry to hear that. I am retired Army (ours) nurse, so I "get it".  I think we'll hear from others, but I was hoping you would answer a couple more chrome/cloud/printer questions. Would that be OK? 


  • spacekase1spacekase1 Posts: 5Member

    I just found this site/page this evening, so I am not even 24 hours in.  Could I use a comcast USB cabel into my comcast router, then see if there's a patch or something? I am medical/military smart, sort of, but computers? Diagrams? EZ set ups? NO, to all 3 & others. Depressing to consider all the ***** I have already forgotten, or never mastered? Ugh! 


  • IronFlyIronFly Posts: 18,415ACE Trailblazer

    cloud print works over wifi on chromebook, so you "just" need a printer that is google cloud print enable, connect it to your wifi (the same of your chromebook) and tell that printer need to be added to your google cloud.


    after this operation, you will be able to use your printer anywhere in the world...obvious you need a wifi connection available.


    Normally you will find some instruction with the printer.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • spacekase1spacekase1 Posts: 5Member

    There's the rub, as Sharkespeare wrote. I think.  Finding a "cloud ready" printer has been difficult at best. I really only need the printer for basic stuff, nothing grand, technical or totally important.  Going to the public library to print is just a PITA.  What mostly holds me back is that I cannot use the CD which came with the printer, a small canon.  WaLLMert sold me a combo deal, save money, buy these together. So, stupid me, I do. Plunk down credit card and should be good to go.  NO. I'm not. They sold me a combo that doesn't COMBO together, non-wireless printer, with a wireless chromebook, (ACER 15).  They must have seen me fall off the turnip truck, cause they got me good.  And, on top, no refund or exchange after 14 days, which I only saw until that time had expired.  


    Does anyone have any suggestions?  Hopefully before I pull out the rest of my hair....going to look like Donald Trump and his comb-over, at the rate I'm yanking my own hair out, LOL.  Color me stuck, just **bleep** stuck. Spacekase1

  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,265ACE Trailblazer

    Find yourself a cheap used PC and set it up as the server. You'll hook it up with Googles print services and share the printer. Once you have that handled you can then print using the Chomebook.

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  • spacekase1spacekase1 Posts: 5Member

    Well, DUH!!  I think somewhere in the feed, I mentioned I am medical smart, sort of. At least that's why I went to school....BUT I never, and I mean NEVER thought of that!!  What a great idea.  I owe you. Really. This may become my very first lesson in practicality of computers, or some such. Thanks for sharing....You have made my day!!Spacekase1

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