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Acer Aspire TC-705 Disk Drive (optical disk drive) problem

EarelandEareland Posts: 8Member




While playing CDs (legally bought) in disk drive, it causes crackling in sound. That does not happen with every CD I have, so far it happens with 4 CDs, but that's still problem, because songs crackle even after copying them from the CD. I have streamed those songs, people have confirmed that crackling really is happening. I have tested different media players, I have played those CDs on DVD-player and in another disk drive (another computer), no problems. As well, I have changed frequenzy settings, etc. no help.


The crackling always starts from the 1st song of the CD and it slowly disappears when we are going on from track to track, so usually the last song on the CD does not crackle, but usually at least 4 first tracks of the CD do crackle.


I did not nuy my computer from Acer Shop, and Live Chat page says that

"Our records indicate the serial number you have entered is no longer eligible for warranty support."

nor SNID work.


I don't think that my computer is warranty eglible anymore (however, my computer isn't even 1 year old yet), as I opened it already, in hope that I can change my disk drive, but it seems like I can't do it. I contacted to one computer and components seller webshop through customer service and they said it's hard to find fitting disk drive for my computer so they told me to contact Acer. However it seems like I can't do that either, or? 

I think and hope that changing my disk drive would solve my problem...where can I even find a replacement?


What can I do?



FAQ & Answers

  • shatnesshatnes Posts: 2Member

    One option is to put in a good external DVD player using USB port. The other option is to put and interal DVD player in an external enclosure and use the second SATA port to run it. You may need to run a power extension also.

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