XB321HK Weird Artifact



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    siffonen said:
    Been using this monitor for two weeks without any issues, so im happy sofar. And if something weird happens once a week or month, it doesnt bother me. This is best monitor i have ever used and for the price i paid its great
    I'm glad you have a monitor that works great :)

    I didn't get lucky , Read my inputs since page 5 of this thread....

    This will be my last comment As Im totally done with Acer period....DO NOT BUY ACER

    Good Luck everyone
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    Hi all,

    We would like to apologize again to all users who are experiencing the reported issue with their monitor. Unfortunately, the LCD panel would need to be replaced at a local Acer service center to resolve this issue. If you are experiencing the reported issue, we encourage you to contact your local Acer support team for assistance getting your monitor setup for repair.  We will be closing this thread with this post listed as the official solution. If you are still experiencing the issue after having your LCD panel replaced, we encourage you to send us a private message or create a new topic in the community so we can look into it further.

    If you need intimidate technical assistance please go to https://www.acer.com/worldwide/ and select the country of your location, under the support tab you can find the available service centers and technical support phone numbers.

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