ram upgrade acer aspire 5741g

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Hello, I want to upgrade my ram and I would like to know which model should I buy so it will be compatible.
I have an Acer Aspire 5741g with 2 DDR3 2gb Ram slots, probably Kingston (at least that's the name they have on them), but after running a program called CPU-Z, I've found out that the manufacturer is Elpida.
I bought a 4gb GOODRAM but apparently it is not compatible.So if I were to  buy a 4gb Kingston DDR3 RAM and combine it with one of the aforementioned default ones would it be compatible?


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    Your laptop supports up to 8Gb - DDR3 - 1066MHz (2x4Gb). You can also install 2Gb+4Gb.

    You probably have this memory module:

    KN.2GB09.006SODIMM.2GB.DDR3-1066 (Elpida)

    In this case, I suggest you these compatible memory modules:

    Crucial instead of Kingston (DDR3L works 1.35V and 1.5V as DDR3).

    Aspire 5741 and 5741G are the same memory specifications.