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TravelMate 5730, white lines on screen while booting

LLSLLS Posts: 4Member
Hi guys, first of all sorry for my bad english.


I own an old TravelMate 5730 which presents a singular problem.

While booting, screen presents white horizontal lines that disappear gradually in about 10 seconds.

If i turn the PC in standby and then I wake it up, the problem reoccurs but after some seconds the PC starts working normally. Furthermore it doesn't present the problem until next boot. 

I cannot enter BIOS or Boot Menù due to this problem.


See the attached video to understand the problem better.

Thanks all in advance.

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  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,767ACE Pathfinder



    Thanks for the video.Smiley Wink

    If the laptop is equipped with two memory modules, I would try with only one and with the other one. I think it's an issue from the shared memory (Intel GMA).

  • LLSLLS Posts: 4Member

    Thank you for your answer, Laurent.


    Yes, the laptop has 2x2 GB of RAM (two identical modules).

    Just tried your tip, but the PC do the same.

    It works better with one of the modules (I don't need anymore to standby and wake up again) but presents anyway the white horizontal lines.

    With the other module the problem remains the same.

    I can't boot up the BIOS in any case.

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,767ACE Pathfinder



    1. Do you have the same issue with an external monitor or LCD TV using the VGA or HDMI port?
    2. You'll find a white sticker near the memory slots. There is a string of characters under the bar code. Could you give me the first ten?
      MBTRV01001...MAIN BD.UMA.3G.GM45.W/RTC.MDM
    3. Have you already replaced the RTC/CMOS battery?
  • LLSLLS Posts: 4Member

    1) The issue affects the built-in screen only, HDMI port displays all correctly on an external monitor.

    2) This is the only sticker I've found on te mobo:IMG_20160516_143933.jpg

    3) CMOS battery works good, I think the problem concerns the built-in screen control unit (if there is one).


    Waiting for your helpful answer, thank you very much.

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,767ACE Pathfinder



    Very nice picture. If all topics were like yours, that would be great!Smiley Very Happy


    Little question before diagnostic:

    Do you have access to the bios setup utily [F2] when you use the external monitor?


    For information:

    Your motherboard is the first P/N stated in my previous reply: MB.TRC01.001

  • LLSLLS Posts: 4Member

    Thank you Smiley Very Happy


    About your question, unfortunately I cannot reach BIOS even with the external monitor because HDMI port starts working after the "second refresh" of the screen (min 0:36 in my extremely low-quality video).


    Anyway thank you for your help, it is very appreciated!

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,767ACE Pathfinder



    You should check the connections of the inverter board (2xcables) and the LCD panel (1xFPC cable - the ribbon cable is located behind the panel). I doubt the issue comes from that but...

    • Remove the battery
    • Unscrew the screws located in each angle and remove the LCD bezel.

    If all is ok, I would replace the inverter board (now I think this part is certainly defective). Unfortunately there are three part numbers:

    19.AR501.001INVERTER BD.YEC.YNV-W15 (Yec)
    19.AR501.002INVERTER BD.FOX.T62I240.03.V00 (Foxconn)
    19.TQ901.002INVERTER BD.DARFON.LF (Darfon)

    As this part is cheaper, you should try.

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