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Headset microphone static


I recently bought an Aspire E5-573 and I use a new headset Sennheiser PC3 and a audio in/out splitter.

I have a lot of background noise when recording - on another laptop I can just check the "noise suppression" and it works fine - but here the only enhancement options are "personal call", "recording" and "disable" - they don't solve my problem.

I tried installing all the latest drivers from RealTek but I cannot get the noise suppresion option... I see this laptop is running ALC255 whereas my other one is running ALC269 ?
Is there a way to get this noise suppresion option? Statis is quite significant and prevents me from making any quality recordings.

Attached is a pic of what I see and what I was hoping to get....

recording settings.PNG

Is there a way I can change the sound effect provider to get the RealTek one and the noise suppression option?

thanks in advance for your help and regards,




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  • philetusphiletus Posts: 4,428ACE Pathfinder

    Have you tried checking the Recording box to see if it makes a difference?

  • LTLT Posts: 5Member


    thank you but sadly yes I did try and no result.

    In fact I notably tried:
    - headset plug in using splitter - with personal call on

    - headset plug in using splitter - with recording on

    - headset plug in using splitter - with sound effect disabled

    - the same as above with another headset

    - mic cable only plug in - with personal call on

    - mic cable only plug in - with recording on

    - mic cable only plug in - with sound effect disabled

    All these tests give the same result with the persistant static noise. I also tried the sound file on another PC and the static sound is there so it is not linked to the audio out.

    is there a way to change the sound effect provider to get the Realtek one with noise reduction?

    thanks and regards,

  • philetusphiletus Posts: 4,428ACE Pathfinder

    Try installing the K-Lite codec pack.  http://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm

    And see if anything in the configuration will help.


  • LTLT Posts: 5Member

    thanks but I believe K-Lite is only for playback - my issue is with the recording itself. Fixing the playback on my computer wont't help me as I'm recording material for other users.

    Do you know if there is any way I can change the sound effect provider from Acer to Realtek ? or is this linked to the fact that I have ALC255? see the picture in my initial post.

    thanks a lot.

  • LTLT Posts: 5Member

    Also - do you happen to know if a USB headset would have the same results (e.g. go through ALC255) or does it work independantly?

  • philetusphiletus Posts: 4,428ACE Pathfinder
    Accepted Answer

    It can be a crap shoot getting non-Acer audio drivers to work correctly.

    There are a lot of them to work with here. Maybe you can get one to work.




  • LTLT Posts: 5Member


    thanks for the drivers - in fact I finished by just uninstalling the realtek software (through remove program) and reinstalled once more using the latest package from there website ... http://www.realtek.com.tw/

    and somehow now when I use recording enhancement the sound is quite ok.... I'm not sure why -

    I had already uninstalled - re-installed at least 3 times. Perhaps there was a repetitive issue during the installations or perhaps inteference or something... or maybe it won't work next time I start the computer...

    Anyhow - it is working now - thanks a lot for your help


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