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linux installation on travel mate 2420 series

norteqnorteq Posts: 3Member

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  • JackEJackE Posts: 17,438ACE Trailblazer

    What is the issue?


    Jack E/NJ

  • norteqnorteq Posts: 3Member

    Greetings Jack,


    I have tried many linux flavours but most cannot come up after installation : disk error.

    I suspect that my 32gb Silicon Power CF IDE hard disk was not designed to be a c drive.

    I will revert to traditional media and try my luck again and will report back to you.





  • JackEJackE Posts: 17,438ACE Trailblazer

    What hard drive is on your machine? What operating system is on it now?


    Jack E/NJ 

  • norteqnorteq Posts: 3Member

    Hi all,


    I replaced the Silicon Power IDE CF400 based ssd with a 40 GB 4200 Hitachi drive.

    The installation of ZORIN OS9 was painless but upon booting system must be forced shut.

  • JackEJackE Posts: 17,438ACE Trailblazer

    What operating system is now on the 40gb drive? Also, google  "MyStory: How I Am Using Linux On A 13 Years Old Laptop" and see if any of the installation suggestions/options in the article might help. For many distros that are less than 10 years old, you may want to increase RAM if you haven't done so already.


    Jack E/NJ 

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