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ACER Aspire 5683 laptop does not power up

After allways working perfect, my ACER Aspire 5683 WLMI suddenly does no longer start up. That is to say: the fan runs for a few seconds and than NOTHING. No beebs, no screen, no diskdrive testing, no nothing. Just dead. Apparently something still has invissibly started, because after some time the fan will incidently blow some warm air ....

I have tried various remedies, such as:

- leaving it without power, with the battery out, for some time

- taking the memory out

- swapping the memory boards and putting them back in, in various sequences

- taking the HDD out

- booting from CD (but the cd does not even spin)

All with no luck.


Can anybody help me, or is it just over and out?

And if so, what could possibly be the cause, given that I have shut it down in good order and were faced with the above situation at the next start-up?


btw:  i don't know if the location selection is correct. I cannot find much more else, other than is says Model BL50


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  • philetusphiletus Posts: 4,428ACE Pathfinder

    Check that the power supply is putting out 19v. Disconnect the power and battery again and hold power button down for 30 seconds. Then connect only the power supply and try it.

    Have you always kept the air intake screen on the bottom clean.

    This laptop is pretty old. It wouldn't surprise me if it is clogged between the fan and heatsink and the thermal compound is shot. 

  • ArieArie Posts: 2Member



    thanks for the tips.

    The air vents are allways kept free and clean, so overheating is not likely. Besides at start-up the processor is cold.

    I tried your further suggestions, but unfortunately without luck.

  • philetusphiletus Posts: 4,428ACE Pathfinder

    You already did the rest that I would suggest. The motherboard is dead and I don't think anything is going to revive it.

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