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Acer Updater Compatibility

ENARENAR Posts: 4Member

I have an A500 Tablet that is running Android 4.03 that I want to update.

When I go to the Acer System Update, i get a message that says:


"Network coverage is currently poor. Please move to a location with better coverage to continue."


That message seems to suggest that this is a cell phone which it is not: it is a tablet with a good WiFi signal.


Is there some way to correct this? Are there settings that I need to enable to get this to work?


Ultimately, I want to try to update the Android 4.03 to at least 4.1, or whatever it will handle, but it seems that a particualar upgrade is needed first that only comes from Acer.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.



FAQ & Answers

  • GuruAid-CSGuruAid-CS Posts: 467Member

    It clearly says that 'Network coverage is currently poor. Please move to a location with better coverage to continue', so it is recommended to change the location where you are getting strong signal, now request you to once restart the tablet and check.
    To help you perform update on your android tablet, please find the link given below:


    Hope this will help you.

  • ENARENAR Posts: 4Member
    I am attempting the processs within 10 feet of the wireless router that provides the signal. I get 5 bars on the wireless network icon. I have fully shut down the A-500 tablet and restarted it again. I have no problem accessing any other Internet source. Is there a presumption of the software that it is looking for a Cellular connection (that is not part of the tablet)? Why would this problme ONLY appear with respect to the Acer Update, and not to any other application update? I will have the unit at another location later today that also has a wireless connection, and I'll try again. But, this makes no sense.
  • ENARENAR Posts: 4Member
    As I mentioned earlier, I was unable to get the update process started when within 10 feet of the wireless router, in a situation in which there is no problem getting online. Per a suggestion, I tried doing it from another network entirely, and got exactly the same message. Does Acer not support getting the Iccnia A-500 Android tablet's update via the web any longer? If not , what can they possibly mean by suggesting "Network coverage is poor"?
  • billseybillsey Posts: 8,298ACE Trailblazer

    The message is a misnomer, what's actually happening is that the update servers for those old models have been taken down, and the update software doesn't deal with it well. You can download all updates for your model from the Aces support site, just not by using the updater.

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  • manojjadhavmanojjadhav Posts: 17Member Troubleshooter
    I have update marshmallow in my Acer liquid z530 please help

    My E-mail

    [email protected]
  • manojjadhavmanojjadhav Posts: 17Member Troubleshooter
    edited September 2018
    Give a update of VOLTE flag on acer liquid z530  for using better experience of 4G voice

  • manojjadhavmanojjadhav Posts: 17Member Troubleshooter
    New  22 sep 2018 update of Acer z530  is not working installation problem please check updates 
    And give VOLTE flag updstes 
    And android 6 , 7 updates
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