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Acer Aspire S7-191 Screws - 2113-86.M42N1.005



I am trying to find replacement screws for this Acer Aspire laptop. These are the screws that hold down the bottom part of the case and go at the front. The longer (5mm) back screws are all still there but all the front ones have gone. These are 3mm long M2 wafer head screws with TORX drive.


Acer redirected me to the parts sellers in my region (Australia) and I contacted everyone of them on the list but none could supply the screws.



I contacted Acer again and they said that I would need to book it for repair (minimum cost $110)

Any ideas where I can get these?





  • MoresbyMoresby Posts: 29Member

    Your best bet is to go to a local repair shop.  Explain your problem in a friendly way and see if they can get the screws for you.  They may even have them in stock.


    These proprietory screws are the bane of computer repair people everywhere.  So there's a good chance they'll take pity on you.


    But be nice.  Computer repair guys don't respond well to anger or curtness. And they're under no obligation to get parts for you.  But they often do it if approached in the right way.

  • tbiskupictbiskupic Posts: 2Member



    I've done that too unfortunately. Three or four basically said that the Acer part number is not orderable and that they don't have any to sell. I interpret that as they have just enough for their own repairs and don't want to sell them.


    If it is common for these to fall out and they also have a hard time getting them then I can understand their position.

  • MoresbyMoresby Posts: 29Member

    Sorry to hear that.  You're just going to have to be persistent and call or visit anyone who might possibly have them.


    This is the time to reach out to that computer geek nephew, cousin, or brother-in-law.  And hope they know someone who knows someone.


    If none of that works, you may have to order from outside Australia. I'm sure you can find them somewhere in the US.  And everyone ships everywhere these days.  It may cost a pretty penny.  But, when you run out of options, throwing money at a problem can be the only solution.


    I think Apple is the one that started this business of using proprietary screws.  Another fine mess they got us PC users into.


    Smiley Wink


    Anyway, good luck.

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,182ACE Pathfinder



    I would take a look here. You should also request from an electronic or a hobby shop.


    You can contact one of the Acer parts resellers.

  • artaarta Posts: 1Member

    Try Zand Parts (zandparts.com) I sent the a image of my S3 951 label and they came back with part number acer86 gchn2.005 for the back cover retaining screws. Expensive at about $10 for EACH screw (with postage from Sweden to CA).

    Good Luck!

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 3,280ACE Pathfinder

    I show you need 8  M2 x L3.5 and 3 M2 x L5 . Could cut down a 5mm to 3.5.


    Need to remove one of yours and see if the head matches these (pan, countersunk, or flat)



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