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restore factory default (Aspire One) without eRecovery?

I am trying to restore an Aspire One (running Windows XP) back to the factory default settings. Everything I can find refers to running the eRecovery Management Program, but it is not located on my hard disk. Alt + F10 does nothing, so I booted up using a CD with sbminst.iso so I could actually look at the partitions, and there was no recovery partition. I have tried to contact Acer, but the netbook is out of warranty, so I can't get through to Acer technical support.


1) Is there a way to restore the system to factory default without the eRecovery program?


2) Where can I get hold of the eRecovery Manangement program (the Acer store says there is no media for my netbook)?


3) How can I get hold of someone at Acer who can help?


I appreciate any advice on this. Thanks!


  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    You have a private message.

  • cavernapcavernap Posts: 4Member
    Accepted Answer



    I gave up on trying to get the system to restore. I have a copy of Windows XP. I thought it could only be used on one computer, but then I found out that the disk can be used to install Windows on any computer, but the serial # can only be used on one computer. The Acer netbook I was trying to fix had the Windows serial # affixed on the bottom (thank you to the tech that originally installed Windows!) so I just did a fresh install and used the original serial #. So now it works fine (I wanted to restore the system because the computer was as slow as molasses). Tommy, thank you for offering to help.

  • knowlittleknowlittle Posts: 1Member

    Did youe Aspire One have a DVD in it as mine does not. I did not back mine up just wanted it to go to factory settings as it too was very slow.  Can I hook it up to another PC and use its DVD drive?  Where do I find the xp # on my PC?  I have less that 25 hrs on this PC and cannot afford a new one.  I have to use a public PC and miss my own PC.

  • GtekserGtekser Posts: 6Member

    I have the same problem on my laptop and trying to join another fellow unfortunate was greeted with the ‘private message’ that stated that Acer Forum doesn’t like multiple entries so they pulled it. They prefer not help out and are happy to have people duplicate the same post over and over again – without help given rather than condense. All the other forums around try to help out but the only way to get the laptop sorted is to pay Acer to reinstall  it all. To say I am hacked off with Acer is an understatement. Just having bought another new windows 8 version, I am fore warned to copy the whole lot especially as the Acer recovery doesn’t always work and the Acer recovery CD’s I have are useless.

  • cavernapcavernap Posts: 4Member

    My Acer does not have an installed DVD drive. I used a portable CD drive that plugs in with a USB cord (you can get them very cheap on Amazon). As for the xp #, when you get a legit copy of Windows, it comes with a sticker. My Acer had the sticker on the bottom of the netbook, so I could use the original number. If you don't have the sticker, maybe you can look up the registration number in the system specs and write it down. Hope this helps. 

  • GtekserGtekser Posts: 6Member

    Thanks for reply. I eventually got a reply back from Acer Support saying “it will cost you £51.06 for installation CDs because we do not provide recovery cds”.  The lack of trust in ‘India call-centre’ information now and in the past led me to enquire locally and a Warwick company quoted £45 for complete installation of XP avoiding Acer software other than the drivers.

    In the end I re-formatted the machine myself and using a XP refurbished CD for  XP Professional to install windows – thus the Home serial number on the bottom of the machine was redundant.

    I decided to strip out the Acerdata partition as it is impossible to get it to work again. Acer clearly doesn’t have ease of reinstall in mind. There were no warnings about re-installing, repairing or upgrading XP Home which destroys the Acer MBR and alt+ F10,  the root of the problem. My problem came from upgrading from XP Home to Professional.  

    I am reasonably savvy on computers and wasted so much time with no result looking for Acer MBR etc and apparently years ago there was the opportunity to download a program that helped with this but Acer put a stop to it saying it was for their engineers only. I guess that the ‘unfriendly/booby-trap’ Acer created has earned them a health profit in 0800 phone call revenue and sales of recovery CD’s. in reflection, 10 years ago the laptop cost £1200 and whilst I recently bought another at £400 I shall not buy another Acer period.    

  • sorendersorender Posts: 1Member

    Bought the Aspire One netbook in 2010 with Windows 7. My daughter used it, but no longer needs it so was going to sell it. Thought I would take it back to factory OS. Started the eRecovery Management software, started the process and when it asked for the Recovery Disc 1, I inserted it, only to have it eject it and ask for the Recovery Disc. It would not accept the disc, so had to do a cold boot. Then it rebooted to a page called "Windows Boot Manger" saying Windows failed to start.  I followed procedure and made the Recovery Disc when I first got this and now it doesn't work.




    [inappropriate content removed]

  • GtekserGtekser Posts: 6Member

    Hi Sam I reformatted my machine but you will need a full copy of Windows to reinstall this - together with the Prog key. Although I did this myself I did get a quote locally from Brian at Warwick Laptop and that was very reasonable at £45 for reformatting, reloading XP and installing the drivers and putting an anti virus in plus MS Office 2007 and Adobe Reader.

    If I didn’t know what I was doing this would be worth it. You might find someone to do it for you. I wasted so much time on seeking a result from Acer and other forums but this was a waste of time as Acer wanted £51 ( on the 6th request) and was unclear as to how much transit costs were – I expected extra. It would have cost me £10 on top at least. All of this to put the laptop back to how it was originally and no guarantee that the Acer eRecovery was going to work later on when needed. I also wiped the Acer partition and have now input Nortons ghost. All the best.

  • CrankyCherylCrankyCheryl Posts: 4Member

    I would assume that this is the only useful post that gives any helpful information for this problem but yet it just says private message??? I have this same problem with same netbook/Windows xp....why can't I read it?? I read the quide lines for the best ways to get help and it said to search for similar problems before posting your own question but when I find the exact post I need the information is private??????

  • cavernapcavernap Posts: 4Member

    CrankyCheryl--don't worry, you aren't missing anything concerning the private message. It was a message from "Tommy" from Acer asking me to send the serial number of the computer. I ended up fixing the problem myself so I never contacted Tommy. As you can see from the previous posts, most people just gave up on Acer. They aren't very helpful.

  • CrankyCherylCrankyCheryl Posts: 4Member

    Thanks for the explanation...hopefully I have an XP Home disk that will work with my Windows Product key! The same thing happened to my son's Acer but his has Windows 7 so they still have the recovery media availible for it...wish mine was a bit newer!

  • Cathy03Cathy03 Posts: 1Member

    Me too...Need Info as to starting acer aspire one back up...i had it for Maybe a Month and it Crashed...has a blank screen with a cursor on top left corner.?????Please Help....I have Another computer now but would be nice to have this one to run around with seeing its small!  If You/Anyone Could Help Me...I would REALLY APPRECIATE IT....Thank You, Cathy

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